Who won the Social Super Bowl?

February 10, 2016

Who won the Social Super Bowl?

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Home Who won the Social Super Bowl? By NUVI on Super Bowl, Social Media Analytics | 10 Feb 2016

Now that we’ve all had a day or two to recover from our post-game “food babies” and mend any hurt feelings we may have caused Uncle Fred who was rooting for the other team, let’s take a look at the real winners of the Super Bowl, socially.

Which Super Bowl team had more social presence?

While the players dueled it out on the field, we took a look at the social “battle”. To do this, we monitored the hashtags #GoBroncos and #GoPanthers to see which fanbase had the most traction. Before the coin was even tossed, Super Bowl fans picked up their phones and started cheering. At kickoff, the Broncos were in the lead with mentions and held strong throughout the 1st and 2nd quarter. After both fanbase’s cheering nosedived in the uneventful 3rd quarter, the Broncos came back around as the excitement of winning the 50th Super Bowl became a reality. The Panther fans on the other hand, fell silent as the game progressed.

Social Timeline:

In-game #GoPanthers mentions:

4th Quarter #GoBroncos mentions:

Super Bowl commercials are worth every penny!!

After airing their 2016 Super Bowl commercial, a leading brand in the animation and gaming industry witnessed their social presence explode as fans commented and responded to their ad. The brand had over 10,751 people talking about their ad just minutes after air time with a reach of over 20 million and a spread of an additional 20 million!

Mentions Before and After Super Bowl Ad:

Mentions During Super Bowl Ad:

But wait! What about that crazy #puppymonkeybaby Mt. Dew ad? Don’t be fooled, this creature/mutation/critter had over 70,000 mentions within the hour and 206,755 by Monday–running this “baby” straight into the advertising endzone!

#PuppyMonkeyBaby After Airing:


We also analyzed the sentiment behind the comments to determine whether or not this was a true advertisement “touchdown”. Viewers were split in their feelings towards the #PuppyMonkeyBaby as 15% of commentators had positive things to say while 10% criticized the ad. The other 75% of people decided that they were on the fence and only confused by what they just saw.

#PuppyMonkeyBaby Sentiment:



Continued creative use of NUVI

We love seeing creative uses of NUVI, and the University of Texas did just that. Texas AdGrads from the Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations used NUVI to observe viewer’s responses to each commercial. Then, the Texas AdGrads live tweeted their thoughts about the ads using their own hashtag, the #AdGradBowl.

You can read through the critiques and comments from their Twitter handle @TexasAdGrad.

So, who really won the “Social Super Bowl”?

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of a showdown between the two teams in this year’s “Social Super Bowl” as the Broncos swept the floor on the field and in the social media world. While there may not have been much of a competition between the two teams, the #PuppyMonkeyBaby created more hype than #GoBroncos and #GoPanthers combined!

Social Super Bowl Final Score:

#GoBroncos: 55,571 mentions

#GoPanthers: 21,704 mentions

#PuppyMonkeyBaby: 206,755 mentions!

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