Who won the Super “Social” Tuesday

March 02, 2016

Who won the Super “Social” Tuesday

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Home Super “Social” Tuesday By Ashlin Almquist on Social Media, Super Tueday | 02 Mar 2016

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may have won the most delegates during yesterday’s Super Tuesday, but who won the social media majority?

The Democrats


When it comes to delegates, Hillary Clinton won it BIG yesterday. She pulled in a whopping 577 delegates which gave her a total of 1,320 with only 1,063 delegates to go in order to win the democratic nomination. While Hillary and Bernie duked it out over the delegates, a social vote was going down on twitter. Hillary only maintained 17.38% of the conversation while Bernie Sanders won with 23.96% of the total mentions.

The Republicans alt

Not surprisingly, Trump stole the show on twitter by holding 37.5% of the conversation and 319 delegates. Ted Cruz came in a not-so-close second place in the social world with 12.3% of the total Super Tuesday mentions and 226 delegates. Marco Rubio held out with 8.8% of the mentions and 110 delegates while both John Kasich and Ben Carson made a small blip on the delegate map with 25 and 8 delegates respectively.

Whether or not the country should turn to social media as a means of nominating the candidates is up to you. But, as it stands on twitter, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump would be our 2016 presidential nominees and we would be on track to electing Donald Trump as the next president of the United States.

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