Why Social Media Updates Matter to Marketers

March 08, 2016

Why Social Media Updates Matter to Marketers

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Home Why Social Media Updates Matter to Marketers By Ashlin Almquist | 08 Mar 2016

The world of social media continually evolves and it seems like every time we log in or log out, boot up or shut down, there’s something new. As amazing as updates can be, they can be a little overwhelming as us marketers and advertisers try to sift through the many platforms and resources to find the best fit for our brands. Here are some of the latest updates to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that make marketing and advertising much easier and effective.

Facebook – Offline Actions-Atlas

The latest Facebook Atlas update called “Offline Actions” allows advertisers to know within minutes whether or not their online ads are generating offline sales. Facebook is also releasing Video Ad Serving which will be available by the end of March. Both of these new platforms will allow marketers to see where their money is best spent and which ads drive sales on cell phones vs. desktops.

Twitter – GIF Search

You say you want to tweet a GIF of a yawning cat? #Done. Or what about one of Jim Carry’s many facial expressions? You’ve got it! How about Peyton Manning chowing down on his favorite cereal for #NationalCerealDay? #Easy . alt
New to the Twitter world is the ability to search for that perfect GIF to express your innermost emotions. Emotions like “facepalm”, “thumbs up”, “mic drop”, and “eye roll” can now be expressed in a way that emojis cannot.

Instagram– Linked Accounts

New on the Instagram front is the ability to switch back and forth between multiple accounts. No longer do brand managers have to log in and out of accounts to post on their various account. And every pet lover with a separate account for “the adventures of Winston the English bull dog” can rest assured that every precious moment can be documented within seconds. And thank goodness because what would the world do without funny cat and dog photos/videos?

All in all, changes and updates to everything surrounding social media will always be a constant and hopefully they will continue to assist us in optimizing our potential ad dollars.

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Ashlin Almquist

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