Christopher Ranch

Christopher Ranch discovered that a good brand image takes years and millions to build and maintain. Yet, it can be destroyed in an instant. Find out how the family-owned farming operations used Nuvi to take control of their brand.


After a docuseries falsely portrayed their farming practices as unethical, Christopher Ranch needed to repair the damage done to their reputation and quickly. Christopher Ranch sought a listening tool that gave them access to see the entire conversation around their brand so they could take appropriate action.


By actively listening with Nuvi's platform, Christopher Ranch connected with their audience, repaired their reputation, and strengthened customer relationships - all in real-time. Executives directly reached out to influencers, presented facts and then requested their feedback.


The practice dramatically impacted the conversational sentiment surrounding their brand. Through Nuvi's social listening, Christopher Ranch repaired their reputation, turned potential adversaries into brand advocates, and revitalized their market strategy.