Nuvi Named Best Social Media Analytics Platform by MarTech

2020 marks the third occurrence of the annual MarTech Breakthrough Awards. With 2,750 nominations this year coming in from all over the world, the competition was extremely fierce.

Nuvi Social Listening Analysis: A Universities Crisis in 2020

The events of 2020 have affected every industry and business. Universities are not exempt. Learn more about their unique struggles, which we were able to analyze through our social listening software

Integrating Social Media Intelligence with your Market Research and BI tools

Collecting social data is one step of the market research journey, but it doesn't end there. AI can help you categorize raw data in the blink of an eye so you can to sift through actionable insights and craft effective strategies.

How to Keep Your Ear to the Social Media Ground

Marketers that keep their ear to the social media ground will be among the first to know about upcoming trends, giving them the opportunity to get ahead of the competition. Stay up-to-date on real-time trends, audience insights, and more!

3 Key Indicators to Determine your True Share of Voice

Compare multiple products, locations, or verticals to each other and your competitors at one time—showing which selected areas are succeeding and which aren't. With these insights, see the whole picture and magnify your brand power.

Nuvi Analyze: Innovate through Competitive Data Analysis

Manually sifting through endless social media data to find strategy-enhancing insights can waste valuable time. Uncover key audience insights by leveraging your social strategy performance data. And your competitors'.

How to Automate your Social Listening

Automating your social listening tools and social publishing tools can help save you time and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Analytical Social Media Tools for Competitive Analysis

The idea of sifting through an infinite amount of tweets, posts, and comments for competitor insights on social media can be overwhelming. Nuvi Analyze allows you to analyze your's and your competitor's social strategy performance with ease

Strategic Planning for the Social Media Customer Journey

Social media complicates the customer journey because it multiplies the number of entry points into the funnel. Strategically plan and create content that moves customers down the funnel by considering all points of entry.

Market Research in Turbulent Times

Having a great Social CX strategy from the beginning will help you earn and keep customers. Do so by using Social CX to further your market research. The better you know your customers, the more they'll be attracted to you and stick around.

Statistics on SMBs show why Covid-19 has Hit Them Especially Hard

Several business trends made COVID-19 difficult for most of the business world. This trend? Lack of digitalization. See the stats.

Compete more Intentionally in your Industry using Social Listening

Continuously analyzing social data about you and your competitors is essential to measuring your campaign, product or brand management performance and informing tomorrow’s strategy. Be in the know with real time, precise analysis tools.

Using Social Listening to Discover the Best Influencers for your Brand

Finding the best influencers for your brand and customer base can be difficult. In order to discover which influencer is best, companies need to analyze them. Nuvi Analyze offer 6 categories through which to analyze a potential influencer.

Utilize Social Listening for In-Depth Market Analysis

Understanding your place in the market and your customer's sentiment can be difficult to gather and determine during a crisis. Social listening takes away a lot of the work, so you can focus on getting your strategies enacted.

4 Steps to Boosting Online Reputation During a Crisis

During a crisis, online reputation management is a must. As organizations navigate crises, social media can be their ally or their enemy depending on how they use it. Manage your online presence with 4 steps!

Strategic Decision Making: Nuvi’s All-New Language Engine Part 2

Nuvi's Language Engine analyzes the language, intent, trending keywords, and trending phrases. These metrics reveal key insights and feedback from your customers

Strategic Decision Making: Nuvi’s All-New Language Engine

Nuvi's Language Engine analyzes customer sentiment, verb tense, subjectivity, and vulgarity. All these insights help companies narrow in on the ways their customers perceive them.

Peeking Into Your Customer’s Not So Secret World

How two Fortune 500 consulting companies has utilized Nuvi's social listening tools to analyze the copious amounts of data their data scientists and strategist need to sift through for their clients.

“The First Temptation of Christ”- Publicity or Customer Experience?

In December 2019, Netflix released a Brazilian focused Christmas Special called "The First Temptation of Christ." The Special raised an extreme amount of negative sentiment and actions that could have been prevented with social listening.

What Companies Can Learn from Baby Yoda (Oh, Sorry. The Child.)

Since Baby Yoda's surprise reveal, he's been trending not only among Star Wars fans, but the general public. Here's why!

A Duolingo Lesson: SNL vs. Some Kid’s Tweet

Duolingo was in an SNL skit, but it, to their surprise, was not what's gotten them the most attention in the last few weeks