Empowering Local Teams to Meet New Customer Behaviors and Win in a Crisis

A crisis tends to accelerate shifts in customer behavior. Customers often go looking for new brands or experiences, so you have a great opportunity to win their loyalty. Discover how your multiple locations or SMBs you work with can help.

Social Customer Care: 5 Statistics for Why You Need It

You've probably heard that social customer care can help your company's reputation and brand loyalty, but just how much? We've gathered some numbers and success stories to help put it into perspective.

4 Issues Facing Multi-Location Businesses

Does your business have multiple locations or offices? Whether you help manage social or content strategy for a university, a bank, an online service, or a remote workforce, it's difficult. Here are 4 areas that can make it easier.

6 Tools that Empower Small Marketing Teams

Help your small teams have bigger results! With Nuvi's suite of solutions, your team can use notifications, scheduling, internal notes, automation, easy data reporting, and built-in data analysis to increase efficiency and output.

Face Uncertainty Head-On: Risk Management with Nuvi

Risk Management can be a difficult and painstaking process. And if it goes wrong, well, the results usually aren't good. Gather and analyze social data to inform your COVID reopening strategy and future risk management strategies today!

How to Optimize Your Social Customer Experience

Providing a functional and seamless customer journey is essential, but that may not keep them coming back. Customers need to feel valued and emotionally connect to a brand or product. Better connect with your customers through social cx.

Discovering Differences in Geographic Segments

Social listening can pinpoint which strategies succeed or fail in specific locations. Analyzing data like your share of voice, sentiment, and trending phrases surrounding your brand can give you important insights about geographic markets.

How to Leverage Social Media during a Crisis

Brand crises can be a make or break moment for your company’s reputation, especially in the era of social media. So, what's the key to managing a crisis on social media? How you react. That's what matters most in the eyes of your consumers.

How to Utilize Social Media for Multiple Locations

To better reach their geographically diverse audiences, companies with multiple locations need authentic social content and efficient communication tools. With these tools, create strategies local teams can utilize to connect with consumers

6 Easy Ways to Develop Brand Awareness

6 easy ways to develop brand awareness. Naturally, the more your target audience is aware of your brand, the more potential customers will be attracted to you.

How Associations Can Help Their Members Thrive Through the Covid-19 Crisis

SMBs are suffering. Associations are working hard to ease and help them through the Covid-19 pandemic. Help them more with Nuvi's Local platform, where listing, review, and content management work together to improve SMB digital efforts

Welcome to the Future of Content Scheduling: Nuvi Smart Social

Nuvi Smart Social helps you plan your content in advance, and keep it coming without eating up your time. It will both make your life easier and optimize your social media performance.

3 Ways to Reduce Churn

Customer churn, left unchecked, can start to take a toll on your business. Using social media to listen to both intentional and indirect customer feedback to drive new strategies will increase customer retention.

How Influencer Marketing Can Improve Your Online Reputation

Most businesses are only scratching the surface with influencer marketing. As social media continues to become more ingrained in our everyday lives, influencers become even more essential to a business's marketing strategy.

Brand Management for a Remote Workforce

Working from home comes with its own set of challenges for employers, employees, and businesses as a whole. Take advantage of this time to analyze your processes and give your employees to tools to still enact brand management strategies

How We’re Built for Crises like COVID-19

Our clients have passed through crises before, learn how they got through them with our powerful communication and collaborative tools that keep you connected to your customers and to your teammates.

How to Make a Great First Impression for Your Brand Every Time

We all know how important first impressions are, but how's your brand doing with that? Your brand is making hundreds of first impressions everyday. Put your best foot forward with three tips.

5 Ways to Reduce Churn after a Collapse in Customer Experience

Collapses in customer experience are inevitable. We can only do two things: prepare for them and strategize how to recover customers.

3 Ways to Create Customer Loyalty and Increase Revenue

A key loyalty behavior customers should demonstrate is repurchasing. Companies should focus on their customer experience strategy, online presence, and PR management to keep or retain existing customers

Five Ways to Strengthen Content Marketing

When content is written well, with the audience very much in mind, strong emotions will be evoked and associated with your brand. Make sure the emotions are positive by knowing your audience well through social meda.

Christmas Restaurant Experiences: The Santa Clause vs A Christmas Story

Christmas is time of joy. Families gather and do fun activities together. Some of those include going out to eat, even on Christmas sometimes. Is the experience always as joyful as one would expect at Christmas?

How to Reduce Stress for Hotel and Airline Employees During the Holidays

4 ways to improve customer experience for airlines and hotels

How does Customer Experience Influence Brand Loyalty?

Customer Experience creates brand loyalty. There are 5 loyalty behaviors a customer experience strategy should focus on.

Four Tips to Solving Top Agency Problems

4 tips to take your agency to new heights.

Rising From the Ashes- The New Agency Model

Through social listening get actionable data-based insights to create strategies that build customer trust and give clients the services they need.