3 Essential Ways to Connect with Customers During the COVID-19 Crisis

During a crisis, a company must be adaptable if they're going to connect with their audience on social media. See how three companies have adapted and connected with audience during this crisis.

COVID-19 and Toilet Paper: The Conversation according to our Data

Why toilet paper? Many people across the United States are wondering the same thing— leading to a surprising trend. We decided to take a look and what we saw ranged from sports to Thor, to margaritas! Dive into our data exploration!

How to Increase a Customer's Likelihood to Purchase more from your Company

Brand consistency creates familiarity, reliability, and trust. Through consistency, your customers will come to know you as they would one of their friends and return again and again 

What’s the Big Deal with Social Listening?

Social listening is all about acting on insights. Get insights into your customers online actions and feedback and act on them with Nuvi's social listening tools.

Prevent Crises with Social Listening

Aren't PR crises the worst? Be able to see them coming so you prevent them!

Customer Experience Pop Star Style-Justin Bieber, Adele, Taylor Swift’s CX Strategies

Adele, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift, while being some of the best and most popular pop stars today, are successful because of their customer experience strategies.

Positive Customer Experience Drives Revenue

Customer Experience drives loyalty which drives revenue. 5 loyalty behaviors that greatly improve revenue are recommend a company, repurchase from a company, trust a company, forgive a company, and trying new offers right away.

Influencer Targeting - How to Find the Right Influencers for Your Brand

Find the best influencers for your brand and watch your ROI soar!