AI is Creating the Need for Reform in the Workplace

As AI advances, it will open up time for marketers to focus on the impactful and competitively differentiating task of creating and maintaining relationships with customers. To be effective, marketers need to focus on three strategic roles.

Social Customer Care: 5 Statistics for Why You Need It

You've probably heard that social customer care can help your company's reputation and brand loyalty, but just how much? We've gathered some numbers and success stories to help put it into perspective.

How to Keep Your Ear to the Social Media Ground

Marketers that keep their ear to the social media ground will be among the first to know about upcoming trends, giving them the opportunity to get ahead of the competition. Stay up-to-date on real-time trends, audience insights, and more!

4 Issues Facing Multi-Location Businesses

Does your business have multiple locations or offices? Whether you help manage social or content strategy for a university, a bank, an online service, or a remote workforce, it's difficult. Here are 4 areas that can make it easier.

Nuvi Analyze: Innovate through Competitive Data Analysis

Manually sifting through endless social media data to find strategy-enhancing insights can waste valuable time. Uncover key audience insights by leveraging your social strategy performance data. And your competitors'.

Responding in Times of Crisis: Analyzing Brands’ Statements in Response to BLM

When making a statement on current events or crises, listening before you speak is crucial. Know your audience's stance, know your brand, and analyze how you can contribute. Check out three brands' responses and their audiences' reactions.

6 Tools that Empower Small Marketing Teams

Help your small teams have bigger results! With Nuvi's suite of solutions, your team can use notifications, scheduling, internal notes, automation, easy data reporting, and built-in data analysis to increase efficiency and output.

Common Content Management Obstacles and How to Solve Them

Is your content management not going as smoothly as you'd like? Take a close look at these elements of content creation: tailoring content to your audience, collaboration and workflow, automated publishing, and up-to-date technology

Face Uncertainty Head-On: Risk Management with Nuvi

Risk Management can be a difficult and painstaking process. And if it goes wrong, well, the results usually aren't good. Gather and analyze social data to inform your COVID reopening strategy and future risk management strategies today!

5 Tools to Enhance Your Marketing

Manually keeping track of all your social platforms isn't easy. It eats up valuable time, and messages can fall through the cracks without a system to track them. Stay on top of your social media marketing with Nuvi’s Enterprise Solutions.

How to Optimize Your Social Customer Experience

Providing a functional and seamless customer journey is essential, but that may not keep them coming back. Customers need to feel valued and emotionally connect to a brand or product. Better connect with your customers through social cx.

How to Leverage Social Media during a Crisis

Brand crises can be a make or break moment for your company’s reputation, especially in the era of social media. So, what's the key to managing a crisis on social media? How you react. That's what matters most in the eyes of your consumers.

Strategic Planning for the Social Media Customer Journey

Social media complicates the customer journey because it multiplies the number of entry points into the funnel. Strategically plan and create content that moves customers down the funnel by considering all points of entry.

6 Easy Ways to Develop Brand Awareness

6 easy ways to develop brand awareness. Naturally, the more your target audience is aware of your brand, the more potential customers will be attracted to you.

Brand Management for a Remote Workforce

Working from home comes with its own set of challenges for employers, employees, and businesses as a whole. Take advantage of this time to analyze your processes and give your employees to tools to still enact brand management strategies