A Comparison of Customer Experience & Social Tools: Functionality, Quality,
and Price

June 18, 2020 @ 10 AM (MST-USA)

There are many customer experience (CX) and social marketing tools out there. But the best ones are those that will help you and your team craft a stellar customer experience from beginning to end. In this webinar, we’ll explore the functionality, quality, and prices of some of these tools and how Nuvi holds up against them.

What You'll Learn

Every team has unique needs, which means you need unique solutions. Gain a comprehensive knowledge of the functionality, quality, and price of some of the top tools in the industry. We'll also cover how Nuvi's powerful social analytics and customer experience tools compare and can help teams:

Consistently create unique, positive content that engages and expands your audience

Utilize in-depth, highly focused data from social media to create a thorough market analysis, refine your content strategy, and find strong influencers

Collaborate on every touchpoint in the customer journey and create more resonating content

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The Social Customer Experience

Your social and CX tools should work together. Or better yet, be one and the same. That's why we at Nuvi coined the term "social customer experience".

Social customer experience (Social CX) is about connecting with your customers on social media and using social media to improve their perception of your brand. How can Social CX help you connect better with customers? It improves your team's ability to put careful, data-driven intent into every touchpoint across every stage of the customer journey—making it memorable and positive for the customer. With the right Social CX tools, teams can enhance your ability to analyze, create, and collaborate throughout the customer experience.

Ready to see how tools stack up against
each other?