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In just 8 weeks, Nuvi was able to help bridge the gap between Costco and their customers.

The Opportunity

The membership-only warehouse club, Costco, observed a decrease in online sales for large items. Costco ecommerce operations was tasked with driving social revenue by growing direct business on large items by 50%. In addition, they needed to drive customer interactions across all locations nationwide with trackable content to checkout and increase new memberships

What Costco's Customers Expected

Convenience of home delivery for large and bulky items from online orders

Ability to use social channels for customer service, referrals, and offers

What Costco Was Delivering

Lack of awareness of delivery option for large items

Inconsistent messaging/offerings across all locations

Not using social as main customer service channel


Nuvi developed a real-time outreach strategy built around keywords, personalized responses, and coupon sharing. As well, a social customer care solution was implemented to reverse negative sentiment.

Costco used Nuvi Engage to intercept mentions with keywords relevant to the offer along with Nuvi Plan and Publish to collaborate and send personalized communications to potential customers.

Nuvi Analyze allowed Costco to understand the effectiveness of the targeted content.

The Results

In just 8 weeks, Nuvi was able to help bridge the gap between Costco and their customers in the following ways:

  • Content campaigns drove 132,000 new customers email addresses
  • 30,600 redeemed offers in which 17.6% of those were new customers
  • 4x increase of time spent on Costco.com
  • $8.3 Million in large item orders in 8-week period
  • $5.7 Million in store sales with identified content to
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