Holistic Customer Experience Management

Real-time brand, reputation, crisis, and customer engagement management. A marketing platform for global and multi-location organizations, utilizing social CX solutions for improved attrition and increased ROI.

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Upgrade Your CX with our holistic Platform

Eight innovative solutions to understand and connect with your audience and work collaboratively with your team.

  • Listen: Real-time award-winning social listening
  • Engage: Real-time customer engagement across social
  • Plan: Collaborative content team workflows
  • Publish: Collaborative content publishing across social
  • Analyze: In-depth industry-leading social analytics
  • Review: Multi-location online reputation management
  • Locate: Multi-location online presence management
  • Capture: Compliant content creation in an app

Enhance Customer Experience Marketing Strategies

Every customer interaction with your brand adds to the overarching customer experience. To reach your desired goals, your customer experience marketing must be fine-tuned to affect each and every part of every touchpoint.

Customer loyalty develops based on trust which require consistency. Holistic customer experience management empowers brands to unify all interactions into a cohesive customer journey strategy for decreased attrition and increased CLV and ROI.

Nuvi delivers the best social data analysis, data organization, data viz, implementation tools, data integration, and client support

Keys to Customer Experience Marketing Success

A customer experience marketing solution should include six elements:

  • Obtaining real-time, accurate data
  • Easy data segmentation
  • Data visualization for reporting and straightforward analysis
  • Strategy implementation tools (content marketing, customer engagement, etc)
  • Data integration to BI tools
  • 1-on-1 client support for ongoing success

A customer experience solution that offers all six elements will allow you to turn each company-to-consumer interaction into powerful brand experiences.

Holistic Brand Touchpoint Analysis

Our platform for CX management is fueled by social analytics. From social listening to content marketing to customer engagement to reviews, Our industry-leading Language Engine AI provides real-time, accurate analytics for each element of a strategy.

Social analytic dashboards are customizable to different strategies and teams. For example, event managers require certain types of data visualizations and analysis that customer service teams do not. Our CX software provides various visualizations for this wide array of needs.

Increase Implementation Efficiency

In addition to highly relevant data, Our platform enhances department, location, and global internal collaboration. This will increase efficiency in content creation, community management, and resolving of customer inquiries.

Automated features allow for crisis alerts, customer service inquiry categorization to appropriate teams, and reporting, saving time and increasing opportunity to focus on implementing CX strategies.

How do I enhance my customer experience?

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