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Unearth Campaigns

A PR Tech firm staying ahead of the game with real-time social alerts & winning new clients with in-depth competitive intelligence

Unearth + NUVI

Unearth is a public affairs technology company where machine intelligence meets human intelligence. Their advocacy tools are created by public affairs professionals with decades of insider expertise.

Their digital strategists, public affairs specialists, media buyers, project managers, designers, developers, and data analysts are laser-focused on one shared goal: implementing digital solutions that empower their clients to win.

One of the means by which they meet their goal is Nuvi. They utilize our social analytics and customer experience management software to enhance all their clients’ experiences with them, from attracting potential clients to keeping clients apprised of relevant events immediately.

Getting Ahead of the Story with Real-Time Alerts

Many of Unearths clients operate in the political sphere. As such, they need to be in the know and stay ahead of conversations, political trends, and events that may impact their clients.

For one of our clients, we have to keep them apprised of very particular mentions that happen. So, say a press release was done [by our client at 7:45 am and something happens [as a result] at 8:30 am, this [mention] was able to be taken by the Nuvi monitor and immediately sent to our alert channel and we were able to alert the client before they even powered up for work that day.

There are so many times an opportunity or moment arises where we’ve been ahead of everybody in the campaigns. We’re working on political campaigns where there’s a team that works with consultants, a team that’s getting ready for a TV ad campaign, there’s the main core with the person who’s hired everybody, there’s the people working with the press, all of those groups—we’re ahead of all of them every single time.

Alerting the Client

Unearth shared one such event that occurred during the summer of 2020.  

8:00 AM
Unearth received a Nuvi alert. The alert, sent through Slack, informed them that a protest would occur in a few hours in front of a client’s home and that the press would be there.

8:15 AM
Unearth sent a message to their client, advising them of the event. The client was able to leave their home before the protesters and press arrived. Later the client thanked Unearth for notifying them and asked them to continue alerting them of similar situations. As this event occurred outside work hours, it was extremely valuable to receive the information before getting to work that morning and potentially alerting the client too late.

Of the event, Matthew Mitchell said,

“They particularly release these statements over websites that aren’t really your typical news publication. These statements get zero engagement, nobody ever shares these things on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever so BuzzSumo always comes back with no data. But Nuvi is able to pick up this URL by the mention, by the specific set of keywords, which we have set up in the Nuvi alert system, which allows us to be able to just rely on Nuvi for that type of grabbing and alerting.

When we send these alerts to the client, we always try to put a little bit of analysis on it. But it’s funny because Nuvi picks it up and alerts us so quickly, it’s one of those things where we have no analysis because this literally just happened.

We, of course, look back at it over time, which Nuvi assists very well with. But it is cool that Nuvi knows what’s going on with your issue or campaign before the public even has a chance to engage with it and take off with it.”

Nuvi’s alerts, a key feature of our Enterprise social listening tool, can be set up using keywords, sentiment or emotions scores, or a multitude of other metrics. The versatility allows for companies to fashion alerts however is needed as per the situation. When the rules are met, Nuvi sends the alert immediately with the tweet or blog snippet and a link to them within the monitor.

With these alerts and the real-time online data collection and analysis, Unearth is able to keep their clients apprised of all high-priority events and conversations as they arise.

Winning New Clients

A significant element of Unearth that attracts many potential customers is their reporting. They provide initial reports for clients which they call Landscape Analysis, in addition to weekly reports.

The Landscape Analysis is usually presented to a new client in their first meeting. Unearth presents their in-depth and broad analysis of that client’s position in their industry, customer perception of them, and more. Much of that data is pulled from Nuvi’s historicals which pull data based on social monitoring rules back to a certain time in the past. The data is then analyzed through Nuvi’s social listening dashboards that show audience sentiment, emotion, trending keywords and phrases, trending actions (verbs), influencers, reach and spread of that client’s campaigns or PR, and so much more.

Seeing the Big Picture

Jonathan Korn, VP of Media and Innovation at Unearth, explained:

We’re using Nuvi as the core tools amongst many tools in what we’re calling social listening. Using it to see what conversations are happening, to track influencers potentially around issues on social media, and then using those insights to provide weekly updates for our clients on where their campaign or their issue stands. It’s worked really well for us, especially in the political campaigns where there’s an opposition that can be tracked...

…Because Nuvi has historic data capabilities, we can decide how far back we want to go, and pull that data for our Landscape Assessment. Some people will come to us just for the Assessment to decide what they want to do or where they’re going with a campaign.

Unearth uses many of Nuvi’s data visualizations (charts, dashboards, and graphs) to illustrate the analytical findings from that week.

Michael explains,

“With Nuvi, we’re able to see the engagement thread that happens especially on the Nuvi Bubble Chart, which is my favorite, because it also gives you awareness of a happening. Whenever it’s basically at the same time, you can see what story is being picked up everywhere, regardless of engagement level; it’s gaining traction whether or not people are talking to each other about it. You can see something that’s important to people.”

With Nuvi’s data, clients’ have found more value in Unearth’s Landscape Analysis. In fact, Unearth has had many clients simply recruit their services just for that analysis.

Working with Client Success

One of the elements of Nuvi that Unearth has loved is their Nuvi customer success representative.

Nuvi’s software is quite exhaustive and comprehensive, so has a significant learning curve. But Nuvi never expects our clients to learn it by themselves. Customer success representatives are available at all times to train, help strategize, set up, tweak, and refine rule monitors for the most relevant mentions, and more.

Unearth had this to say about their representative:

Being connected with Hannah, improves how much we value Nuvi, which we value immensely. If it had just been something that was available to the team and no dedicated person to help us learn it (which we had experienced previously with other companies’ services), it becomes pretty spotty and inconsistent in the way that we use it. That has not been the case with Nuvi.

Unearth has found Nuvi’s social analytics and customer experience management tools to be incredibly beneficial to their services and the value they provide their clients. As a company primarily servicing political clients, the instant data collection and analysis tools Nuvi provides is invaluable for continually delivering relevant and timely information and strategies.

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