Empowering Local Teams to Meet New Customer Behaviors and Win in the Crisis Economy

July 23, 2020 @ 10 AM (MST-USA)

Learn how multi-location businesses, franchises, and other companies working with SMB clients can empower local teams to satisfy new customer expectations and come up on top after the crisis.

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Customer behavior is changing quickly.

The Covid-19 Crisis has accelerated shifts in consumer behavior. Companies that fail to adapt will hurt even after the crisis is over.

New customers’ behaviors are:


Using Digital as a key trigger for discovering new places to shop more than ever


Expecting multichannel always-on customer service 


Making 15 to 30% more purchases online


Becoming more mindful of how they spend their money


Customer loyalty is up for grabs.

More than 75 percent of consumers have experimented with different shopping behavior during the crisis, including trying new brands and places to shop. 

Disruption in the marketplace has led to 15 to 20 percent of consumers to switch stores. About half of those who switched report that they are planning to continue using their new store. - US Consumer Pulse Survey, MCKinsey 

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