Extract More Value From your Social Media Data

July 30, 2020 @ 10 AM (MST-USA)

Is your data guiding you through the crisis?
Learn how to leverage social media data to better understand the Voice of the Customer and get the best real-time market research to thrive in the current economy.

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Do your social data tools deliver on these key aspects?

Data quality

Data segmentation

Data visualization

Easy actionable-data tools

SQL Integration

Client Success Support

Sentiment analysis

Are you getting the right data?

Whatever you do with the data after you collect it, the results will only be as good as the quality of such data. How information is captured and enriched will determine the level of success for a company’s Social Media Intelligence strategy.

Learn how we dramatically increase the quality of data with our proprietary language engine.

Monitor social media campaigns

Can you easily work with the data?

Data should be flexible and easy to work with. Social analytics tools should provide ways to process and segment data for better analysis so you can glean more insights.

Learn how we make it easy to manage the data.

Real-time social media monitoring

Can you understand the data?

Ever get tired of a list of numbers that don’t tell you anything at a glance? A good social analytics tool will provide data visualization to make data processing and analysis easier for visual learners and those with busy schedules.

Learn why our customers rave about our data viz.

Streamlined social media workflow

Can you collaboratively act on the data?

Social analytics solutions often provide data analysis tools, but not many provide ways for your teams to form those insights into strategies and then implement them. These solutions will come in the form of team collaboration tools.

Learn how we help you take data insights from content ideas to multi-channel deliverables.


Can you integrate the data?

Most Enterprise or large multiple location companies use their own data lakes or BI tools. Social Media Intelligence tools bring social data to the table, but you’ll need to ensure that the data can be combined with your data in some way.

Learn how we easily stack social data with your other data sets.

A work team using Nuvi's collaborative social media management solution

Do you get 1-on-1 support?

Many Social Media Intelligence solutions have a large learning curve, but they should never leave you alone during the learning process.

Learn what makes our support unique and a plus for any data experience.

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