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Frequently Asked Questions


How does Nuvi facilitate Market Research?

We facilitate market research by providing over 20 pieces of metadata per tweet to ensure marketers know key data about a topic, including trends around keywords, locations, languages, gender, etc.

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How does Nuvi facilitate Competitive Analysis?

Nuvi offers distinct SOV stats through completely customizable Dashboard interfaces. This allows you to easily understand and report what your online presence is compared to your competitors. Through our analytics tools, you can also benchmark yourself against competitors through engagement stats across all social channels collected into one easy-to-access dashboard.

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How does Nuvi assist with brand management?

  • Reputation management through understanding sentiment
  • Building strong connection with audience through easy content creation workflows and post scheduling as well as understanding engagement through analyze.
  • Maintaining consistent presence through easy listing and reviews management

How does Nuvi assist with crisis management?

  • Real time alerts to keep you in the know when a crisis is breaking -real time reports to track hourly or daily the status of the crisis
  • Auto-tagging or segmenting to track specific areas of the crisis
  • Influencer tracking to see when a crisis begins and who is talking about it

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How can I identify signs of a potential crisis with Nuvi?

Via real time alerts. We can be alerted on keywords, influencers, volume, etc. This allows you to know before or right as a crisis is breaking, helping our clients to quickly resolve any issues before they continue to grow

How does Nuvi assist with strategic planning?

NUVI provides tools to inform your strategic planning with insights taken from social data. Social media listening with NUVI Listen empowers you to identify your current audience, your target audience, the type of content you’ll need to reach them, common customer concerns, and more. Using this information, you can form a data driven content strategy that propels you towards your business goals.
NUVI Plan provides a space for your team to collaborate, encouraging them to form their best content marketing strategies. Publish provides a social media scheduler that simplifies the publishing process, so your team can spend more time strategizing, and less time worrying about the little things.

How does Nuvi assist with compliance management?

NUVI Capture was developed specifically to provide teams working in industries like dentistry and healthcare with compliance-oriented digital content creation software. Capture allows members of your team to participate in live content creation from our app with built-in HIPAA and general marketing release forms, making it easy for your team to get the permissions and approvals you need to stay compliant.
Team members can take photos at events or just around the office with their phone, hand the phone to any customers featured in the photo for signatures, and publish to your social media pages.

How does Nuvi assist reputation management?

NUVI provides comprehensive customer journey management with social analytics and social media content management tools that empower companies to elevate their online reputation. NUVI’s tools drive brand conversation, improve customer engagement, utilize influencers, and provide crisis management—enhancing the overall customer journey and therefore the brand’s reputation.
Audience listening tools like NUVI Listen provide you with insights into customers’ wants and needs, empowering marketers to communicate effectively with customers and create touchpoints that allow followers to connect with your company in an emotionally positive way. 
NUVI’s social listening platform also allows for custom alert criteria, so you can be notified about a change in volume or sentiment of mentions. This can alert your team to an oncoming crisis, giving them time to formulate a plan and prevent damage to your brand’s reputation. NUVI Engage works with NUVI Listen to help marketers check social media engagement and keep track of incoming comments and messages from multiple social media platforms, all in one convenient place.
A combination of audience listening and engagement monitoring works to enhance the social customer experience your company provides. Reputation management via social customer experience management will not only help you avoid a crisis, it will increase brand loyalty and revenue.

How does Nuvi assist in risk management?

With NUVI’s suite of customer experience management tools, you can gather data to inform your company’s emergency social media plan in the event of natural disasters, societal conflicts, adjusting brand messaging, and more. NUVI Listen provides real time social media monitoring to assist in identifying risks and customer concerns, as well as gauging customer reactions to strategies and events that can inform future risk management strategies.


What is the Nuvi Language Engine?

The Nuvi Language Engine is our proprietary natural language processor which our listening and engagement capabilities are built on. It leads the industry in both speed and accuracy when listening for 12 different factors such as:

1. Sentiment analysis + Emotion Analysis
2. Gender detection
3. Noun phrase extraction (trending phrases)
4. Industry category tagging
5. Vulgarity detection
6. Future/present/past tense detection
7. Author intent
8. Influencer score
9. Influencer ranking
10. Author follower count
11. Author Geo Location
12. Trending Actions

How does Nuvi's data gathering compare to other social listening companies? Is it better data? If so, how?

We lead the industry in both accuracy and speed of data analysis.

In order to get the most accurate, real-time data analysis, we continually invest in our Language Engine built on AI. Our proprietary algorithms and machine-learning models are engineered from humanly annotated social data to then better predict incoming social data at scale with real human sentiment and emotion. The AI provides the necessary heavy lifting in your data gathering and analysis and brings the most relevant trends, or data aggregations, for you to further analyze.

How can you narrow in on specific info with Nuvi?

NUVI allows users to create segments, or filters, of data. This means you can deep dive into your data with just about anything you want. Be it gender, keywords, influencers, location, language, bio, sentiment, etc.

How can I identify trends?

NUVI identifies trends via our trending category widget, including the following:

  • Trending keywords
  • Trending Phrases
  • Trending URLs
  • Trending Hashtags
  • Trending Positive and negative terms
  • Trending Networks
  • Trending Categories

Can trends be identified before/as they're happening?

The short answer is yes! NUVI processes and organizes your data in real-time, so you know which keywords, phrases, actions, and emotions are trending in posts around any given topic, keyword, or phrase. Instant data combined with accurate language analytics enable quick access to insights needed to form effective strategies and manage crises.
Real-time data analysis is especially important in the present as many facets of life, business, and socialization are increasingly taking place online. Trends and norms can change in the blink of an eye, rendering old data and market research completely irrelevant. Data that accurately reflects here and now is essential to creating successful strategies. 

Why is it important to gather data from resources other than just social platforms?

Social media is a great place to find data that will aid your team in market research, buyer persona creation, product feedback, and more—but it’s not the only place. Blogs, news articles, and other websites can provide important information you may be missing. These websites often present information in a longer format, with more context for in-depth research. To see the full picture, it’s essential to view data pulled from everywhere, not just scraped from the surface level. 

Can I do A/B testing with Nuvi?

Yes! Nuvi Publish and Analyze were built to make performance comparisons fast and convenient. NUVI simplifies A/B testing by allowing you to publish and monitor a post’s performance in the same interface. Compare the performance of any of your posts (or your competitors’ posts) side-by-side.
We also provide marketers with crucial metadata, so you can not only see which version of a post garners more engagement, but also who is engaging with each piece of content. Access real-time, actionable insights based on customer analytics and social media campaign analytics.
NUVI’s social media analytics provide you with all the information you need to create, fine-tune, or pivot strategies immediately and understand customer engagement patterns so you can move forward with the best social media marketing strategy for your brand.

How does Nuvi analyze?

Along with NUVI’s social listening tools, NUVI Analyze assists in gathering insights from social data. NUVI Analyze gives your team the power to create customized dashboards with widgets for the types of data analysis that are useful to your team. Dashboards can analyze the data from the NUVI Listen monitors you set up, your brand’s published content via NUVI Publish, and your incoming comments and messages collected by Nuvi Engage.
In addition to NUVI Listen’s patented bubble stream of mentions, Listen’s data can be analyzed by trending categories, author location, emotions, trending adjectives, trending actions, keywords, positive phrases, negative phrases, hashtags, vulgarity, and more.
Publish allows you to view engagement analysis on your published content, change in followers over time, and sort posts by the metrics like most popular, most clicked, most engagement.
Social media engagement analytics in Engage’s analysis dashboard include: trending words and phrases in your mentions, sentiment score of engagement, graphs measuring the amount of engagement over time, average resolution time, and resolutions by user.

How broadly can data be analyzed with Nuvi?

Data can be analyzed as broadly (or narrowly) as you’d like with NUVI’s custom monitors. Pick and choose your sources (filter by social media platforms, blogs, language, country, and more) and whether you want to start monitoring now, or include historical data as well. 
All data is processed through the NUVI Language Engine, which ingests up to 500 mentions per minute and can sort it by a number of aspects, including tone, intent, language, emotion, sentiment, and more. Our monitors are created to help busy marketers extract insights from large amounts of data

How granular can data be analyzed?

NUVI’s advanced natural language processor (NLP) analyzes many facets of data, allowing you to break down and focus in on specific aspects or subsets of the social data you are analyzing. The NUVI Language Engine is built to listen to and analyze 12 different facets including: sentiment, vulgarity, verb tense, categories, intent, entities, phrases, actions (verbs), adjectives, adverbs, subjectivity, and emotion.
Additionally, the NUVI Language Engine is optimized for analytics across 20 different languages along with emoji analytics in any language. Dashboards provide visual representations of specific aspects or subsets of data in Listen, Publish, and Engage.

How do NUVI dashboards work? Are they helpful?

NUVI dashboards allow you to organize the data from your monitors into easy-to-read and actionable charts and graphics. Dashboards help identify trends from large datasets; they are essential for enterprise companies working with a high volume of mentions. You can include data from multiple monitors, or different segments of data from one monitor. Dashboards are highly customizable, so each company can put them to use towards their unique goals and strategies. 
You may want to monitor a particular trend in relation to your brand or industry, or the mentions of your product compared to a competitor’s’ product. You can also identify the tweets about a certain topic or product with the most reach, or view a map of where your product is generating discussion. The possibilities are endless with NUVI.


How does Nuvi increase customer growth?

NUVI empowers brands to analyze their audiences in order to identify the makeup of their current audience and more accurately target the segments of their target market that they haven’t yet reached. Marketing teams can also test the success of their strategies with detailed performance metrics and competitor comparisons, and adjust accordingly. Accurately targeted content developed with NUVI’s tools will help reach new audiences and grow your customer base.
NUVI Listen allows you to learn about your audience’s wants and needs, so you can identify common customer concerns and address them. Listen and Engage work together to help you provide a high level of social customer care. Creating resonant content from social listening insights and resolving any issues through social customer care will help you satisfy your existing customers, promoting customer loyalty that can turn followers into brand advocates who sing your praises to their network, delivering even more customer growth.

How does Nuvi increase brand loyalty?

NUVI provides a framework for understanding and managing the customer experience your brand provides on social media. Providing a positive customer experience is key to increasing social media engagement, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.
Customer experience management starts with your content marketing strategy. Using social listening tools like NUVI Listen, you can learn your audience’s preferences, interests, questions, wants, and needs, and cater to those with your social media content. Personalized content creates a bond with your customers that inspires brand loyalty. Using NUVI Plan and Publish, marketers can work together towards building a content marketing strategy that resonates with your target audience.
NUVI Engage and Listen work side-by-side to optimize social media engagement and social customer care. Engage simplifies the management of incoming messages, comments, and mentions, using advanced AI to sort messages into queues. Listen empowers marketers to detect untagged mentions of a brand or product. Together, Engage and Listen empower marketers to resolve issues and engage with customers, thus improving the social customer experience the brand provides.

How does Nuvi reduce Churn?

NUVI’s platform provides brands with customer experience management software that allows them to identify problem areas in the customer experience they provide and enables them to resolve these issues, which reduces customer churn and increases revenue.
Social media listening and monitoring with NUVI Listen reveals audience expectations, needs, and desires, allowing marketers to focus on those that are going unmet, and implement customer experience management solutions that provide a better experience for their customers. An improved social customer experience makes customers feel valued, increasing the likelihood that they will return to purchase from your brand.
NUVI’s social listening platform also assists brands with PR management, alerting them to oncoming crises before they grow out of control with notifications for an increase in their brand’s frequency of mentions, decrease in the sentiment of their mentions, and more custom notification options.
NUVI Engage empowers its users to track social media engagement and sort incoming comments, posts, and messages into queues using advanced language analysis AI to ensure that each question or comment goes to the correct team member with the knowledge and expertise to handle it. Engage assists your team with customer care issues like slow resolve time, leading your brand towards increased customer satisfaction.

How does Nuvi reduce customer service costs?

NUVI enhances your social media engagement strategy to be more efficient, so fewer team members are needed. NUVI Engage provides your team with a social media engagement platform that automatically sorts and prioritizes your incoming messages by criteria selected by your team, in order to direct each message to the correct team member as quickly as possible. Message assigning and claiming features help ensure that your team isn’t wasting time by working on the same task.
Enhancing your brand’s overall social customer experience with NUVI will also help reduce the need for customer service. As you learn more about your audience through social listening and performance analysis, you will be able to anticipate customer questions and concerns and address them with your content.


Can Nuvi's tools help a small enterprise team?

Yes! The Nuvi tool is built to optimize and automate as many processes as possible to help your team succeed no matter the size. Your dedicated client success manager can help you set up automated systems as well as develop strategies to be able to maximize the tool, even with a small team.

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How does Nuvi help enterprise companies?

Nuvi helps enterprise companies listen to their growing audiences with industry-leading listening accuracy based on our proprietary natural language processor, Nuvi Language Engine. With insights gleaned through listening, we help enterprises engage with customers and potential opportunities across social channels. Our collaborative publishing tools help teams communicate more efficiently to deliver content to your audience. No customer experience management solution is complete with analytical power. Our Analytics solution allows you to dig deep into your content and campaigns delivered as well as that of your competition.

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How does Nuvi help manage multiple locations?

Nuvi Listen empowers multiple locations with their own dedicated instances of all insights, data, and visualizations surrounding their brand in real time. Listen allows you to streamline all client accounts and monitors into distinct, individual instances of Nuvi and allows you to protect data between campaigns and teams. Nuvi Listen gives you the control, allowing you to decide who can see and edit each of your monitors.

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How does Nuvi help local companies?

Nuvi Local provides reputation management through reviews. Review requests can be customized using custom templates. QR codes can be used to generate review invitations. Users can receive notifications when new reviews are received and the platform gives the user the ability to see and respond to reviews all in one interface. Nuvi Local gives businesses the ability to push accurate info to 60 plus online directories through Locate. Important information such as changes to business hours and business operations can be edited for one or multiple locations and published to all directories in one click. It is more important than ever to keep this information up to date as changes in business operations occur during the COVID-19 pandemic.Nuvi Local gives businesses the ability to capture organic content and get consent to use the content all in one place. Increase social media presence using a combination of Smart Social and organic content. Easily schedule and manage social media content using the gallery and calendar.

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