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Can Nuvi help Enterprise teams?

Nuvi has a number of tools to help Enterprise teams learn their audience, collaborate on strategies, publish content, engage with customers, compete intentionally within their industry, and analyze the effectiveness of their strategies.

Getting the right data

Whether your team is large or small, Nuvi Listen will help them perform efficiently by revealing valuable insights in real-time without the need to manually sort through large volumes of data. All data is run through our AI which collects metadata about posts mentioning your brand—like who posted about it, how many followers they have, and their geographic location. Our NLP detects the sentiment of the posts (positive, neutral, or negative), the emotion it indicates (joy, sadness, trust, disgust, fear, anger, surprise, anticipation), trending phrases, vulgarity, verb tense, author intent, and more.

Organizing data

With Listen, users can sort your data to find exactly what they’re looking for; whether your team is looking to find the cause of negative sentiment, or measure the emotional reaction to your latest campaign. Set alerts to notify team members of the change in sentiment or volume of your mentions, or when your brand is mentioned alongside certain keywords, phrases, and hashtags.

Auto-Generated Reporting

Reports can be scheduled, generated, and automatically send right to your inbox, allowing findings to be shared easily across teams and departments. Our automated functions help busy teams stay on top of the conversation around their company or products.

Tools for team collaboration and customer engagement

Listen isn’t our only tool to assist Enterprise teams. Nuvi Plan makes collaboration between employees or teams easy, so all of your brightest minds can work together to craft the perfect messaging that executes your strategies. Nuvi Publish automates the publishing process, so your social media team can schedule content and move on to the next task that needs their attention without wasting time manually logging in to each platform. Need help keeping track of incoming messages and comments? Nuvi Engage brings mentions, comments, and messages from different platforms into one easy to manage inbox, with functions like internal notes and assigning that allow for easy communication and resolution. 

And finally, Nuvi Analyze provides your team with data visualizations and statistics to compare your company’s content with competitors side-by-side, so you can learn from their mistakes and make strategic decisions. Analyze enables you to measure the success of your social strategies, so your team can adjust and plan future content accordingly.

How does Nuvi help with Content Management?

Many of NUVI’s tools can be used in the content management process to help your team create resonant content quickly and efficiently. NUVI Listen provides you with insights about your audience so you can learn what they need and expect from social content and deliver it. Identify popular content, trending topics, and influencers within your industry so you’re never out of the loop.

NUVI Plan assists with workflow management and encourages collaboration, so your team can work together every step of the way. It provides your team with a space to brainstorm, the ability to request input from other team members, and checkpoints for review and approval leading up to scheduling, so content creation is a streamlined process. 

With Publish, you can schedule the content to be posted directly through the platform. Our Smart Social feature even allows you to upload content and captions in one step and we’ll manage the rest. NUVI’s algorithm will post the content at days and times where it has observed peak engagement.

Why are enterprise teams choosing NUVI over competitors?