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Frequently asked question

Can Nuvi help small Enterprise teams?

Yes! NUVI is built to optimize and automate as many processes as possible to help your team succeed no matter the size. Your client success manager can help you set up automated systems and develop strategies to maximize our tools and your efficiency—making your team seem bigger than it is.

What kind of processes does Nuvi help automate?

NUVI’s monitors can collect the data you need and display it in a number of helpful ways.
  • Monitors and dashboards help you discover patterns without sifting through insurmountable amounts of data.
  • NUVI also offers automated reporting and can create a report straight from your social listening dashboard, including any segments of data you’d like. Just choose a template for the visual, a time range, the frequency with which you’d like the report created, and where to email the completed report!
  • NUVI can schedule and auto-post your social content, so your team can stay focused on the future without the tedious task of manually posting. With our Smart Social option, you can upload a gallery of images and we’ll choose the optimal time and day to publish it.
  • Queues that auto-categorize incoming comments, messages, and @mentions to the appropriate teams or flag high priority messages.

Why are people choosing NUVI over competitors?