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How does Nuvi facilitate Competitive Analysis?

NUVI gives you the breadth of data you need to analyze trends in you and your competitors’ social content. With a convenient layout to measure and visualize comparisons with one or multiple competitors, you can see your place within your industry landscape and formulate a competitive content marketing strategy that will put you ahead of the competition. Data that’s easy to understand, share, and act on will help you achieve your goals.


Social listening helps conduct inexpensive, unbiased, and in-depth market research that shows you who is talking about your brand and your competitors, and what they have to say. Highly customizable social listening tools empower you to track changes in customer behaviors and opinions about your brand and your competitors, so you can measure the big-picture effectiveness of your strategies.

NUVI's listening platform allows you to compare posts about brands on the basis of trending phrases, tense, vulgarity, intent, reach, spread, author sentiment, influencer score, follower count, location, trending actions, or emotions.


With NUVI’s analytics, you can measure the comparative success of individual pieces of content, in order to easily isolate what works from what doesn’t for you and your competitors. NUVI Analyze works with Listen to dive deeper and show your team how to best leverage your audience’s social data. See your best performing social content (and how it stacks up against the competition) with dynamic graphs displaying key metrics for measuring brand growth and activity.
Analyze displays a number of metrics broken down by platform and date, including activity (the number of posts including replies, quote tweets, and retweets your brand has made for your selected date range), engagement (the number and type of responses you’ve received), followers (your current count of followers along with the percentage that number has increased or decreased over the selected date range), potential reach (the total number of users that could see your content including the followers of users who retweet and reply to you), and more.

Share of Voice

We make it easy to measure and monitor your share of voice through completely customizable dashboards. NUVI not only measures total mentions received by your brand or your competitors in a given time period, but you’ll also be able to break those numbers down into more detail. Break down your share of voice comparisons further by filtering by original content, number of original authors, or how often content is shared.

Share of Voice insights might direct you to look at other social indicators or dashboards within the listening platform. For example, if your brand has less original content and fewer unique authors, you may have a brand awareness issue. In order to boost these numbers, you can focus on content with higher reach and spread so more people are introduced to your product. How do you accomplish this? Social listening can help you find the right influencers or thought leaders to spread your message further.

Why are people choosing NUVI for competitive analysis over competitors?