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How does Nuvi help with crisis management?

NUVI provides real-time alerts to keep you informed when a crisis emerges and allow you to take action before things get out of hand.
A spike in the volume of mentions your brand receives, or a rapid change in sentiment, can alert you to an oncoming crisis.

Instant Alerts

With NUVI’s alerts, you can be notified whenever your company’s negative sentiment gets to a certain percentage. Or you can specifically monitor for terms related to the crisis, get alerts moments after a tweet or blog is published, then jump in and take control of the narrative.

Setting up monitors based on keywords or phrases surrounding the crisis can help you see large discussions and trends (whether your @mentioned in them or not), who the main contributors are, and why the crisis is happening. 
Influencer dashboards can show you the most popular accounts discussing your brand, industry, or crisis, who can have a critical role in helping you recover.

Real-Time Reports

Real-time reports allow you to track the audience discussion and sentiment around the crisis as often as you like; daily, hourly, or even minute-by-minute.

Real-Time Engagement

NUVI Engage will help your team keep track of incoming messages with ease, even in times of increasing volume. Messages from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will come into queues you can set up to work with your existing customer engagement workflow and team organization. The queues are based on keywords, phrases, and more that help Nuvi auto-categorize the incoming engagements. When a message enters a queue, team members can claim them so there is no overlap. Employees can write internal notes about the conversation within Nuvi’s software. 
If there is a consistent topic or concern in a crisis, Plan and Publish give your team the tools to collaborate on carefully worded messaging addressing the crisis.

Why are people choosing NUVI for crisis management over competitors?