Introducing Engage 3.0: Social Customer Care at Scale

Thursday September 24, 2020 10:00 am ACT.

You'll learn

  • What customer care mass personalization looks like
  • Why AI is a must have for social customer care
  • How to leverage AI and social data to reduce churn and operational cost
  • How to increase average ticket value, and word of mouth sales

Your next coffee is on us simply for showing up.

Every attendee gets a Starbucks Gift Card in addition to high quality content about the next-generation of social customer care.

A webinar centered on closing the gap between you and your audience.

Key Triggers for finding new places to shop during pandemic

Here's the problem

Today’s economic crisis won’t have a V-shaped recovery. The Federal Reserve has identified this crisis as a “downturn in economic activity significantly worse than any recession since World War II.”Companies need to become more efficient and control cost or they won’t make it.

On top of that, customer behavior and expectations have radically changed. Customers want a better, personalized experience. If they don't get it, customer trends have shown they will take their business to the competition.

CX leaders are more resilient during recessionary periods

But there's a huge opportunity

Companies that invest in customer experience during a crisis, do better and recover faster.

Artificial intelligence and social data have made mass personalization possible. Companies can now provide highly robust and efficient customer care, making customer experience the ultimate differentiator.

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