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  • Better Social Data Analytics
  • Better Data Visualizations
  • More accurate and relevant insights with Nuvi Language Engine including Emotion Analysis
  • Full suite of collaborative tools for powerful customer experience strategy
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Emotional Analysis Social Customer Experience

The difference is in how you listen

We start by pulling in the best data.

Your strategies and decisions are only as good as the data they are derived from. That’s why we strive to bring you the best data and tools to guide you to useful information and insights.See where you and your competitors are mentioned across websites, blogs, major social media networks, and tens of thousands of news outlets.

Filter social data with industry-leading social language analytics

Most Social Listening platforms use 3-point sentiment analysis—positive, neutral, or negative. However, we built a 200-point sentiment scale and added emotion analytics just to be sure you didn’t miss any insights.

Put the data back together and see trends you never saw before.

NUVI's customizable segmentation of data and data visualization empower enterprise brands and teams to analyze social listening data quickly so they can be more maneuverable and adaptable.

If you thought we were done, just wait.

Listening is fundamental to all successful relationships; use it to develop customer loyalty in your audience.

Custom dashboards for analyzing and insight gathering

Data visualization through our dashboards shows data pertaining to your brand through specific lenses. You can view your data through an emotional lens or a verbs your audience uses. All reveal key insights that help you understand your audience at a more granular level.

Data Segments and Alerts for organization and notification

Advanced segmentation and rule-based listening allows you to stay on top of every relevant post in real-time. Integrate SMS, Slack, and Email to get instant alerts.

Auto-Tags for AI-assisted data sorting

Auto-tagging does the heavy lifting of sorting incoming social data at large scales. Create custom rules and have them automatically applied with tags for easy data organization and insight delivery.

Custom queue creation for personalized customer engagement at scale

Understand your audience to engage with them more authentically and efficiently. Create queues based on advanced rules you set and automatically route relevant and high-priority posts to the right teams. Furthermore, see engagement analytics in custom dashboards built for queues.

“I did thorough research on social media listening programs and used free publishing software before Nuvi; however, the combination of all benefits as well as the responsiveness of my account manager and development team (literally adding capabilities to their software because of my requests) made Nuvi the easy choice! I would only consider them again for my next company.”

A full suite of social analytics and management tools


Intelligent, Intuitive, Real-time Social Listening. Listen before You Speak.


Collaborative planning to advance your customer experience strategy.


Show your audience you listen. Deliver cohesive multichannel communication.


Interact with Your Audience Meaningfully. Authentic. Genuine. Personable.


Actionable analysis to perfect strategy. Innovate and connect through data.


Consistent and accurate listings across the web. Show up and be found.


Powerful, intuitive reputation management. Become the obvious option.


Instantly compliant content in a mobile app. Every employee a marketer.