NUVI's real-time social listening platform can help you effectively manage a crisis by providing the insights you need, when you need it. With Monitors Enterprise, NUVI's real-time social listening platform, you will be able to monitor, detect, identify, and analyze a potential problem before it becomes a full-scale crisis

In the case of a crisis, your company needs to move fast. In order to do that, you need even faster insights. Social platforms, through the billions of conversations happening every day, provide the unique insights you need to make the right decision when faced with a crisis, regardless of how large or small. Not only does NUVI's Monitors Enterprise social monitoring empower you to prevent a crisis by quick detection for immediate engagement, it also gives you the tools to analyze the effectiveness of your decisions.

Monitors Enterprise empowers brands and agencies with:


Customized alerts. Get a text or email alert notifying you of a sudden increase in negative sentiment or increase in mentions.


Real-time audience engagement. Respond to customer complaints as they happen instead of waiting for it to become a much longer problem.


Real-time social listening across multiple platforms help you to say apprised of sentiment and social conversations that affect your brand or customers.


Unlimited monitors allows you to simultaneously track multiple keywords, campaigns, and regions.


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