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Nuvi Analyze

Social Media Analytics and Performance

Measure, measure, measure
Learn from your efforts
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What can I use Nuvi Analyze for?

Brand Management
Customer Experience
Influencer Marketing
Market/Competitor Analysis
Crisis Management

Social Media Analytics and Performance

Analyzing the performance of your social media efforts and determining ROI is tedious and time consuming. Add competitor social analysis on top of that and the workload quadruples.

NUVI’s social media analytics provides you with all the information you need to create, fine-tune, or pivot strategies immediately and understand customer engagement patterns so you can propel your social media marketing strategy forward.

With NUVI Analyze’s social media analytics software, the process becomes simple and time efficient.

Quickly uncover campaign and customer insights with real-time analytics

Measure campaign and product performance

Perform better market research with live competitor social strategy data

Customizable dashboards to highlight the performance data you’re most interested in

Track influencers for higher-quality influencer marketing campaigns

Understand the value your campaigns are bringing to your brand and audience

Report on your social media campaigns and impact on ROI


What do I get with NUVI Social Media Analytics?

Strategy & Campaign Performance

NUVI enhances every social media marketing strategy with real-time, actionable insights based on customer analytics and social media campaign analytics.

Armed with key, relevant insights, your team can know how well a strategy or campaign is performing and auto-generate reports to show your manager what is happening.

With centralized and customizable reporting, Nuvi Analyze:

  • Keeps you informed of exactly how every comment, mention, share, and post contributes to the value and success of your campaigns
  • Dives into the sentiment of audience comments on your posts
  • Shows top posts by type of engagement: likes, shares, comments, etc.
  • Indicates a post’s penetration into your customer base
  • Indicates a post’s penetration into your potential audience
  • Optimize your campaign strategy by gaining insight into which platforms perform best, target audiences responses, and which influencers are generating the most buzz.

A/B Testing

Easily A/B test with NUVI. Publish your competing posts and monitor each to see what engagement they get, with who, and other customer analytics.

NUVI's social media analytics tools show all engagements in real-time and indicate which post has better engagement, spread, or other key metrics. Quickly know which post is performing best and hone in on it.


Competitors Top Content

One of the most difficult tasks to perform with social data is market analysis. When analyzing competitor’s social posts on native platforms, you can see how many likes, shares, and comments they get. But what about link clicks? Impressions?

NUVI’s social media analytics software shows it all:

  • See top performing competitor posts and identify patterns of success or failure
  • View and compare their impressions, follow count, engagements, reach, comment sentiment and emotions, link clicks, and more to your own
  • Know how their social strategy is performing per channel
  • Identify strategies that you can capitalize on that your competitors aren’t

Demographic Data

Fundamental to understanding your social analytics is intimate demographic knowledge. Nuvi’s social media data tools show customer behavior over long periods of time (and short) so you can identify and become familiar with behavior trends.

The more familiar you become with your demographics the better you can see shifts, no matter how subtle, in their behavior.

  • Are more males interacting with your posts than normal?
  • Is a new follower group growing in Thailand?
  • Are campaigns not reaching as many people and is it time to start a new one?

Demographic shifts can indicate new opportunities. And Nuvi Analyze can help you determine which posts and content are influencing those changes.

Nuvi Analyze excels at highlighting customer engagement trends and behavior through social analytics; real-time customer data for nurturing long-term customer relationships.

How can I use NUVI Social Media Analytics?

Brand Management

NUVI Analyze is a powerful tool to help you measure and optimize the strength of your brand.

  • Discover and measure how the influence of your brand is • affected by your social messaging and campaigns with engagement metrics
  • See if your followers and engagements have grown, find out what platforms, messages, and audiences contributed most to that growth
  • Diagnose which segments and audiences have lost ground, and create a plan to win them back

The strength of your brand lies in your audience’s perception of your brand’s value. See what they see with NUVI Analyze.

Sentiment scale

Customer Experience

As a social media analytics and customer experience platform, NUVI helps you create and communicate the ideal message, fashioned to your customers and followers.

If there's a gap between you and your audience, we'll help you find common ground so that you can:

  • Increase customer growth
  • Decrease customer service costs
  • Retain customers by instilling long-term loyalty

Gaps in customer experience can be identified through trends in customer interactions with your posts. Utilize those insights to optimize your campaigns and provide the best possible customer experience.


Content Strategy

Your content strategy is the driving force behind all your social campaigns. The more your content is tailored to your audience, the better it will perform. The tag-team combination of NUVI Listen and Analyze platforms provide a full-spectrum view into how your past campaigns have been received by customers, and allows you to upgrade your next strategy to perform even better.


  • Discover new content topics by listening to common questions and comments posted by your audience across the internet in real-time
  • Utilize historical social data to get a full view of your content’s effect on customer engagement, retention, and loyalty
  • Get a clear picture of what can be improved or tweaked in your upcoming content strategy to resolve concerns, improve performance, and generate additional value

Influencer Marketing

NUVI Analyze gives you granular visibility into your audience, so you can track accounts that have significant influencer potential.

Through NUVI Analyze’s social media analytics tools:

  • Identify potential influencer marketing opportunities
  • Reach out to and work with those influencers to produce high- quality messages that build trust in your audience
  • Be seen by audiences you may not have previously been able to access and see how your content has affected them specifically
  • Track how the value of these influencer posts compare to your own brand posts, and optimize your efforts to generate the most value possible

Market & Competitor Analysis

NUVI Analyze facilitates more in-depth competitive market analysis.

  • Analyze your closest competitors or compare yourself to them
  • Know where you stand in your industry
  • Gain insights into where they're having success… or not
  • Emulate or out-do their efforts with your own campaign
  • Identify potential areas of success that your competitors aren’t utilizing
  • Get social analytics of your competitors’ posts in real-time
Real-time social media monitoring

Crisis Management

While most analytics platforms will reflect interactions in terms of increased comments, shares, and other common metrics, NUVI Analyze takes it one step further to show you the actual effect of these situations for your brand.

  • Identify the linchpins that led to the crisis or posts that exacerbated it
  • Know which channels and users contributed most to the situation
  • Understand how significant the issue/s really are

With the increased visibility and data, you’ll be much better equipped to create and adjust your plan for turning a potentially harmful situation into a brand win.

Social data doesn't have to be difficult to gather and analyze, especially competitor data. Easily analyze yours and your competitor’s social data and prove ROI
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