Nuvi Analyze

Actionable Analysis to 
Perfect Strategy

Measure, measure, measure
Learn from your efforts
Iterate your way to success

Uncover Insights

Measure campaign or product performance with rich analytical gathering software that reveals how you can best leverage your audience’s social data. Create, fine-tune, or alter strategies based on real-time insights.

Competitor Tracking

Monitor your competitors' campaigns, products, and other strategies. Identify what is going well for them- or what isn't- and design strategies based on those insights. Also, determine trends within your industry so you can keep up, if not get ahead.

Reporting Performance

Utilizing a centralized reporting dashboard, receive actionable insights about your campaign’s performance. Get dynamic and exportable reports that help you stay ahead of the competition with key metrics focused on your audience.

A-B Testing

Discover which content performs best and pivot your campaigns quickly.

Competitors Top Content

See your competition’s top content and what is performing best for them.

Demographic Data

Learn who is engaging with your brand and from where.

How can I use Nuvi Analyze?

Brand Management

Content Strategy

Customer Experience

Influencer Marketing

Market/Competitor Analysis

Crisis Management

"Nuvi is helping our team build insightful social strategy and content plans using in-depth, data-driven analytics and real-time social listening!"
Taylor Nicole V.
Marketing and Advertising

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