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What can I use Nuvi Capture for?

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Crisis Management

Instant Content Creation Software

The world has a voracious appetite for content, and it drives the bottom line. So, how do we get more of it? What can be done to make it easier to produce? 

What we need is an instant content creation tool.

Now, more than ever, live content creation has taken a solid hold on our social media feeds. Our audiences’ want authentic content and they want it now.

While your brand content might take weeks or months to produce and perfect, a few snapshots or videos of your recent company event or conference can now be captured and published in a matter of minutes.

Live Images Drive Authentic Content

When it comes to your content, both on your website and on social media, engaging, personalized images may be the key to driving your engagement higher and higher.

While stock imagery has its value, personalized images created by and of your team can take the authenticity of your content to the next level.

With Nuvi Capture, anyone within your organization can utilize the technology you already have (a.k.a your phone) to capture and share authentic moments. And really connect with your audience.


Features of an Instant Content Creation Software

Easy-to-Use Camera App

We all know how to take pictures– especially the “selfie” generations. Our Capture app is a simple point-and-click content creation tool with a similar flow to Instagram’s.

It’s just like using your regular phone camera.

Constant Content Creation

Now that you’ve got NUVI Capture in your back pocket wherever you go, it’s not hard to imagine what pictures to take.

If you’re at a company event, a shareholder meeting, a holiday picnic, a product launch, a retirement party, pull out your phone and take a few snaps.

Happy customers? Take a picture.

Perfect plate of food? Take a picture.

Your product in use on the street? Take a picture.

You get the idea.

Content Management & Workflows

With NUVI Plan, content management has never been easier.

NUVI’s social media content management allows you to:

  • Upload photos, videos, and copy to one central place
  • Keep everyone informed with real-time collaboration and time- stamped updates and uploads
  • Ensure your content marketing strategy is on track and focused on the goal with integrated project tracking
“86% of people say authenticity is an important factor when they’re deciding which brands to like and support.” -SocialMediaToday

Schedule and Post

Once you have all of these pictures gathered—or as you’re gathering them—it’s time to get them online. Now comes the fun part.

You choose a pic, choose a date and time to send it, and then start adding to it anything you want: website links, hashtags, comments, fun stickers. Once you make it your own, send it out to social media. Boom. Content.

NUVI Capture allows you to:

  • Give your team the ability to see what’s being captured
  • Make tweaks and changes before content gets published
  • In combination with NUVI Publish, you can even simply add your new instant content into an image gallery so content teams can ensure everything is representing your brand well

Crowdsourced Content

As we mentioned above, content is what catches the eye—it’s the thing that makes people pay attention to you—but it’s hard to get enough of it. Let alone the right content.

The beauty of the Capture content creation system is in its simplicity and its ubiquity.

You can empower any of your employees to be content creators, which means that you’ll have lots of content flowing in. Should the opportunity arise, you can also enable guest users, like partner influencers, to create and share content that can be approved by your brand.

Shorten the process and get as much user-friendly content out there as possible!

Compliance Enabled

If your content creation tools need to be monitored for legal reasons, we’ve got you covered there, too. With both HIPAA and General Media & Marketing Release Forms built in, you are able to get the permissions and approvals you need to stay compliant.

Did one of your patients have an exceptional experience in your dentist or doctor office today? Take a picture of them on your phone, fill in the boxes, have them sign their name with their finger, and you’ve got a compliant picture.