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Nuvi Capture

Instantly Compliant Content in a Mobile App

Content is King
On-the-spot content creation
Every employee a marketer

Easy-to-Use Camera App

Put content-creation abilities in the hands of your employees no matter where they are. Choose which location you belong to, then start capturing.

Schedule and Post

Once you have your image looking spot on, add a website link and/or hashtags, then schedule it to publish to Facebook and Twitter.

Compliance Enabled

As you start snapping away, choose between HIPAA or General Media& Marketing Release Forms to get needed signatures before you share content. Taking a photo of a group? No problem. Grab all their signatures and info in one go.

Universal Gallery

Save your images to a shared gallery across the locations or brands you’ve enabled for your business. Easily browse, schedule, and post content right from your gallery.

Add Stickers

Choose from an expressive library of stickers to add to your photos.

Share with your Customers

Send the content you just captured of your customer(s) to them in a text with a link to share on Facebook.

How can I use Nuvi Capture?

Brand Management

Customer Experience

Content Strategy

Influencer Marketing

Crisis Management

“After working with Nuvi I can see why they are way above the competition. They have increased my reviews by more than 100% in less than 10 months.”
Frederick J.  Smith, CD
Utah Integrated Campus

We are here to help you grow.

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