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Nuvi Engage

Interact with Your Audience Meaningfully

Where your actions match your speech
Ask, Answer, Help
Relationships go both ways

Enterprise Monitoring

Actively reach and impact the conversations around your brand and industry in real-time. Discover where conversations around your brand are happening, engage with potential customers, and build strong relationships with your audience.

Respond Your Way

Create tickets for inbound messages and assign responsibility to respond instantly in Nuvi Engage. Snooze messages that aren’t urgent, but still need a future response. Ensure all engagements with customers are brand-aligned and customer-centric.

Get the Big Picture

Each user’s data is remembered. Have a problem user? Leave a note that will help team members deal with future issues and gather summaries of past engagements. Nuvi Engage integrates with your Salesforce and most CRM’s so you can get a full picture of those engaging with your content.

Automated Responses

Have answers to questions ready to go so you can engage with just a click.


Communicate issues to the right departments instantly to quickly resolve customer inquiries.

Filter Conversations

Respond to private or direct messages easily.

How can I use Nuvi Engage?

Brand Management

Customer Experience

Content Strategy

Influencer Marketing

Crisis Management

"Nuvi allows you to keep track of analysis and behavior of all the material that is published online on social networks, to respond to customer concerns or needs that present about your brand. It allows you to track brands and hashtags related to your product and control the management of social networks in real time."
Jose E.
Creative Director

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