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Nuvi Engage

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What can I use Nuvi Engage for?

Brand Management
Customer Experience
Content Strategy
Influencer Marketing
Crisis Management

Enhance Your Social Media Engagement Strategy With Nuvi Engage

An essential element of any social media engagement strategy is actively engaging with your audience. Consistent messaging and meaningful conversations with your followers, customers, and fans are how you make your social media come alive. But, at the enterprise level, millions of DMs and comments aren’t manageable let alone personable.

Make customer engagement manageable again with NUVI Engage:  

Custom auto-categorization queues that allow you to manage your messages and comments your way

Enterprise-level social monitoring so you get all your messages instantly

Industry-leading language analysis that allows you to set up queues based on keywords, language, sentiment, emotion, or more

Flag high-priority DMs, comments, or @mentions immediately

Team members can claim and own incoming messages

Analyze incoming messages holistically and individually


How Nuvi Engage enhances your social media engagement strategy

Respond Your Way

NUVI Engage utilizes Nuvi’s industry-leading proprietary language engine to auto-categorize all DMs, comments, and @mentions so the appropriate team will receive them and the appropriate response can be given.

Respond to each important mention or comment in a timely and efficient manner through NUVI Engage. Doing so will enrich your social media engagement and develop stronger relationships with your customers.

  • Set up incoming messages to go to response queues based on keywords, language, sentiment, or emotion rules and more
  • Team members can claim any message so there’s no overlap in customer engagement
  • Create custom responses for common questions
  • Filter messages by oldest or newest, team members, or unclaimed messages
  • Instantly notified of critical messages

Get the Big Picture

Those that engage with customers are often on the front lines or brand management or whenever a crisis occurs. NUVI’s customer engagement platform gives a holistic view of your audience so you can better adapt and connect with customers.

  • Identify sentiment, emotions, or trending keywords of your comments, DMs, @mentions, or replies as a whole, individually, or during a certain time period
  • See when spikes in conversation occur, who primarily influences the spikes, and where they occur
  • Gain insights into keywords or topics around a crisis so you’re fully aware of all aspects of the conversation
  • Set up queues for messages that require immediate attention and others for varying types of messages
Easy collaboration and content creation

Collaborate with Your Team to Manage Social Media Engagement

Ever get a question from a customer you don’t know the answer to? Instead of going through the circuitous route of finding the person who knows the answer, waiting for a response, then finally sending it to the customer. Simply the process with NUVI Engage.

Tag the appropriate team member in a discussion chat. Then they can review the interaction live, answer themselves, or supply the answer in the chat.

This streamlined process allows teams to work together more efficiently and in a way that educates the whole team as anyone can reference the in-house chat. A social media engagement strategy that enables quick and reliable customer engagement is one that will win customer trust.

Social media engagement is all about developing relationships with customers. Represent your brand well with an organized, all-in-one-platform solution that enables you to work quickly and focus on what needs your attention most.

How can I use NUVI Engage to improve my social media engagement strategy?

Add Value When Measuring Engagement

NUVI Engage auto-categorizes content that tags your business anywhere across the internet and direct messages based on rules you set. This customized workflow empowers enterprise marketers to focus more on customer relationship management and accomplishing goals for their social media engagement strategy.

Brand Management

The world is progressively more virtual every day, so brand management must follow. Social media engagement today is an essential part of online brand management.

With NUVI Engage pulling all your mentions, you’ll have more time to:

  • Be an active participant in online conversations about your brand
  • Increase social media engagement by making it easier to discover, engage, and drive the conversation
  • Build strong relationships with fans and customers
  • Participate in RSS feeds or blog comment conversations in addition to social media threads
  • Get in front of misconceptions or miscommunications without having to jump between all of your native social platforms
Sentiment scale

Customer Experience

Many businesses have a hard time narrowing or eliminating the gap between themselves and their audiences.

  • Close the customer experience gap so you don't end up hurting your customer growth, raising your customer service, and suffering from high customer churn
  • Craft and deliver the ideal message to your followers online—a message that fosters communication and engenders goodwill and long-lasting relationships of trust
  • Receive more participation and a better dialog with your customers and followers
Enhance your overall social media engagement strategy with a comprehensive, customizable system that allows enterprise teams to manage and analyze customer engagements at scale.

Content Strategy

While your customer engagement team may not be involved in the social post, press release, or other content creation, you certainly deal with customer reactions to them.

With NUVI Engage:

  • Easily align with content creators or others so you know the whole strategy and can stay in line with it throughout every social media engagement
  • Know what other content is available for you to share
  • Provide input on content based on online customer engagement
  • Analyze customer response to every content, social, and other customer-facing strategies

Crisis Management

Social environments and settings can change in an instant. Get on top of a crisis immediately.

  • Be notified about high-priority messages that require immediate attention
  • Get notifications on weekends, holiday’s, and before or after work hours so you can know what’s happening the moment it occurs
  • Coordinate quickly on a message to manage the crisis

Influencer Marketing

Having a tough time tracking down the right influencer for your brand or campaign? Or communicating well throughout a campaign? Let NUVI Engage help.

  • Set up a queue just for influencer engagements so they don’t get lost in email or in the mass of social messages
  • Coordinate quickly on strategy
  • Know who primarily talks about your brand and identify those that would be best to work with
Make customer relationship, brand, and customer experience management easier with solutions that gather and organize messages for you and allow for better team cohesion.