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Nuvi Hub

Integrate Social Data with your BI and Marketing Tools

Integrate Social
analyze your data
gain more insights

Add raw social data to your current analytics tools for deeper insights.

With NUVI Hub:‍

  • Integrate social data with most BI tools.
  • Analyze data sets with real-time integration.
  • Support your analysis with industry-leading Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine in speed and accuracy.
  • Ingest Data at more than 500 mentions per second.
  • Recognize 138 countries, 20 languages, and 20 language facets in your social data.

Nuvi Hub is a private, dedicated Postgres database that collects all of your social mentions and metadata through social listening monitoring.

Real-time social media monitoring

Social Intelligence Platform

Large Enterprise companies have widespread influence through either brand name or multiple locations, or both. Whatever the case may be, bigger influence means more conversation around your brand, more customers, and, usually, more competition—all of which you need to monitor in real-time and act on insights as quickly as possible.

Nuvi Hub, a Nuvi customer experience management solution, gives you access to raw, unbiased market research data from all across the web and integrates into most Business Intelligence tools.

With the addition of industry-leading, real-time data to your historical data analyses, data analysts will be the springboard for better company-wide adaptability and competitive strategies.

What can I use Nuvi Hub for?

Identify social media opportunities

Real-Time Data Analysis

Data is essential to any business’s success—a fact that only becomes more true the larger a company gets. Most BI tools analyze and report on data that is stored in data warehouses that may or may not be in house. But whether in house or not, data in these warehouses are, generally, not sources of real-time data.
With Nuvi Hub’s integration of real-time social data:

  • Get new, highly relevant data instantly
  • Get the most accurate data in the industry
  • Combine accurate, real-time data with historical data

Behavioral Intelligence

With real-time big data analysis, data analysts will be able to better understand and monitor trends in customer behavior. Today, the world is more connected than it has ever been before. This can influence political, economic, or even cultural shifts to occur more quickly.

Analysis of historical data will usually allow data analysts to anticipate trends and changes, but for quicker changes and short-lived trends, real-time data is essential for analyzing customer behavior in order to take advantage of in-the-moment opportunities.

Social Media & Intelligence Collection

With Nuvi Hub, data is normalized into various tables containing different facets of Natural Language Processing, such as hashtags, emojis, URLs, emotions, and other important aspects of social media content and modern language. This data can be integrated with your BI tool and added to stored data.

Our advanced NLP AI allows Nuvi to analyze data thoroughly and predict customer sentiment with a high level of accuracy. But accuracy isn’t the only component to good data. Real-time data analysis is important because language changes frequently–especially on the internet–and the world can change in the blink of an eye, rendering older data completely irrelevant.

Better analyze big data and create Enterprise-level strategies.

Of-the-moment data and accurate language analytics allow your data analysts to better analyze big data and create Enterprise-level strategies. Quick access to the insights they’ll need to form the most effective strategies and manage crises will increase adaptability and long-term success.

How can I use NUVI Hub?

Brand Management

Backed with NUVI’s industry-leading Natural Language Processing engine, NUVI Hub provides highly accurate and relevant real-time data for data analysts. When combined with historical data from data warehouses or data lakes, you can better see where your brand has been, the state of your brand currently, and potential avenues for growth.

NUVI Hub’s real-time data addition enables you to create short-term and long-term strategies as well as impromptu ones for crisis management.

Sentiment scale

Customer Experience

Real-time social intelligence is integral to providing an excellent customer experience. Why? Historical data is fundamental to every strategy, but it can fall short when determining customer needs that second. Life is full of twists and turns, so customers that may have had a good experience a year ago may not today due to reasons historical data can’t predict.
Where historical data can help you set up the structure of customer experience and customer engagement strategies, real-time data will help you tweak it at a moment’s notice to accommodate unexpected sentiment, lifestyle, or world changes.

Market Research & Competitive Analysis

Data is essential to any business’s success—a fact that only becomes more true the larger a company gets. Most BI tools analyze and report on data that is stored in data warehouses that may or may not be in house. But whether in house or not, data in these warehouses are, generally, not sources of real-time data.

Also receive instant competitor and industry insights.

  • Determine competitor strategies and analyze their effectiveness in real-time
  • See if industry predictions are correct and adjust accordingly
  • Identify current areas that competitors or others in the industry aren’t utilizing or are over-utilizing in their strategies
  • Perform market research on an emerging trend quickly

Strategic Planning

Armed with complete data through a marriage of historical and real-time data, data analysts can enhance the quality of any strategy whether it be content, customer service, crisis, or product development.

These strategies will be more:

  • Adaptables
  • Effective
  • Holistic
  • Competitive
  • Customer-centric
“Nuvi knows about what’s going on about your issue before the public even has a chance to know and take off with it.”

Matthew Mitchell, Data Analyst at Unearth

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