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Nuvi Listen

The Industry-leading Social Listening Tool


What can I use Nuvi Listen for?

Brand Management
Customer Experience
Influencer Marketing
Market/Competitor Analysis
Crisis Management

The Industry-Leading Social Listening Tool

NUVI Listen is an industry-leading social listening tool that gathers real-time, relevant data about online conversations of your brand.

Better meet customer needs and establish brand loyalty by better understanding your customers, competitors, and industry with highly accurate data.

With NUVI Listen:


Gain insights into trending topics


Acquire industry-leading sentiment analysis in speed and accuracy


Gather unbiased, unsolicited information on your audience


Attain real-time online and social media monitoring


Identify opportunities: trends, influencers, customer behavior shifts


Monitor campaigns in real-time


Listen to thousands of sources: social media, RSS outlets, blogs, websites, etc.


Track Competitors


Receive Instant Alerts


Highly accurate and relevant emotion analytics


What do I get with NUVI Listen?

Be the First to Know

Gathering live data of your audience and industry makes sense, but how that data will actually benefit your customer loyalty and marketing strategies isn’t always easy to see as shifts occur almost daily that cause strategies to be in a constant state of adaption.

Social listening utilizes real-time online data to significantly transform the way your brand interacts with your customers and adapts.

Real-time social media monitoring

Real-time Social Monitoring

Explore your brand's online landscape with solutions that:

  • Reveal the most common and valuable keywords surrounding your search terms
  • Discover influencers within your audience
  • Identify content that resonates with your audience
  • Collect your audience’s authentic, unsolicited feedback
  • Expose strong customer experience strategies that enhance customer loyalty
  • Keep up with industry trends as they happen
  • Gain insights into your competitors' strategies
Identify social media opportunities

Identify Golden Opportunities with Social Listening

Ever find out about a trend your brand could utilize too late? Or learn about a crisis when it’s in full swing?
With social listening, you can know right away:

  • Which strategies are working for your brand, which aren't, and why
  • Your audience’s sentiment based on their discussions about your brand and products–and even jump in when needed
  • When opportunities arise to meaningfully connect with your customers by identifying trends and patterns in their social behavior
  • Which influencers are the best to work with through evaluation of 6 different metrics
  • Which competitor strategies are working and which aren’t
  • When there are opportunities you can capitalize on that your competitors aren’t

Monitor Marketing Campaigns

Learn how your marketing efforts are impacting your business and measure success across multiple channels with visualizations that make data processing and analysis easier for visual learners and faster for those with busy schedules.

  • Understand your customers’ reactions to campaigns and adjust accordingly to better leverage your brand’s positioning and messaging
  • See how your campaigns are affecting potential customers and how many of them you’re reaching
  • Know who is talking about your campaign and how to utilize it (See our Duolingo analysis)

Combined with the powerful campaign and metrics reporting of NUVI Analyze, your social listening efforts can show the extent and impact of your campaign. This reporting will drive your next campaigns and strategies. As you analyze data through social listening analysis, you’ll reach the customers wanting to find you and reduce churn with your current customer base.

Instant Alerts

Knowing the content of a high-priority comment or social post the moment it is created is essential for getting ahead of a potential crisis. Whenever something comes up, the faster you can respond, the better.

With Nuvi Listen, you can set alerts to notify you when activity happens around your brand. These alerts can be set around:

  • Keywords or phrases
  • Hashtags
  • Sentiment changes
  • Mentions with high anger or other emotions
  • And more

Monitor Campaigns

NUVI Listen monitors the campaigns, products, and strategies of any company you want to track, showing you what they're doing right (so you can emulate it) and what they're doing wrong (so you can save your budget for better pursuits).

NUVI Listen helps you stay ahead of the curve and compete with your competitors with social media analytics that drives the right decisions for your business and your audience.

  • Track posts by the brand or mentions from users
  • Pick up on industry and other trends while they're still viable
  • Use social listening to see competitors’ audience sentiment, emotions, keywords, influencers, and more
  • Analyze your share of voice compared to competitors
NUVI is revolutionizing the industry, and empowering brands of all sizes to improve their customer loyalty strategies.

How Social Listening Should Be

Listening Everywhere Social Interactions Happen

Your strategies and decisions are only as good as the data they are derived from. That’s why we strive to bring you the best data and tools to guide you to useful information and insights.

See where you and your competitors are mentioned:

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Major social networks
  • Tens of thousands of news and RSS outlets

Our industry-leading language processing engine provides highly accurate data in real-time so you have the best and most relevant insights 24/7.

Sentiment analysis

What we listen for all with leading accuracy.

Social listening not only has the power to bring every social mention of your brand to your attention, it analysis them–helping you answer the whys about your audience.

NUVI leads the pack in sentiment analysis with 80% accuracy. One major feature that sets us apart from other social monitoring tools is our proprietary Language Engine.

The NUVI Language Engine listens for 12 different factors:

  • Emotion Analysis (8 core emotions)
  • Sentiment Analysis (200-point scale)
  • Industry Category Tagging
  • Vulgarity Detection
  • Verb Tense Detection
  • Author Intent
  • Influencer Score
  • Influencer Ranking
  • Author Follower Count
  • Author Geo Location
  • Trending Actions (Verb detection)
  • Trending Words & Phrases
Sentiment scale

Sentiment on a Scale

Real human emotion lives on a spectrum and that is exactly how we deliver it through our proprietary sentiment analysis.

Understand the tone of every mention across social to discover what is most important to your audience. The better you understand your audience, the better you’ll be able to address small problems before they become large disasters and instantly identify where you’ve had successes.

Listen for strong opinions

Studies show a correlation between vulgarity and virality on social media, namely social mentions are often shared more often when vulgarity is involved.

Our Language Engine measures how likely a mention is to be considered vulgar to help you understand audience sentiment even further.

  • Find where strong opinions live
  • Why your audience has those opinions
  • How those opinions affect your business.

Hear it All with NUVI Listen

With real-time monitoring of your brand name, keywords, and hashtags, as well as reviews, comments, and mentions, you'll be the first to know if anything needs your attention. NUVI Listen harvests it all, calling your attention to anything that might need a closer look through real-time alerts and notifications.

No matter where discussion is taking place, if it's happening online, NUVI will find it, help you analyze it, and let you decide the best course of action.