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Nuvi Locate

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People are searching. What will they find?
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What can I use Nuvi Locate for?

Brand Management
Customer Experience
Content Strategy
Influencer Marketing
Crisis Management

Comprehensive Local Listing Management

For businesses with multiple locations or a single local store, it can be tricky to develop a comprehensive strategy to become more visible online.

The most vital part of any online strategy is to enable each store to be found in the areas that they serve. If you don't utilize local listing management for each of your locations, you'll have a much lower chance of showing up when your customers search for you locally.

With NUVI Locate:

Achieve true, comprehensive local listing management by being smarter, not busier with your online efforts

Publish to over 60 directories and local search engines with just a click

Gain consistent, complete listings across all directories

Update and get notifications from each listing directory inside the Nuvi system

Provide an excellent customer experience to your audience


The Benefits of Nuvi Local Listing Management

Manage Multiple Locations

Multiple locations take a lot of work. While the brand may provide products or guidelines, each store has its own staff, clientele, and set of unique challenges.

Online, it's no different, and you should no more try to manage all your stores with one social media presence than you would consider opening all your stores in the same building.

With NUVI Locate:

  • Ensure that each user finds the location that is nearest to them
  • Manage your location-specific messaging, updates, and events
  • Adjust your location hours all from one platform

Save Time With Edits in One Central Location

When it comes to your day-to-day schedule, we know that you don’t always have the time to address the small and specific details across each location.

If you're closed next Monday for a holiday or some other reason, but your business listings say that you're open for business, you might get some irate callers, reviewers, or social posters if they made the trek out to your location only to find out that it's closed.

NUVI Locate gives you the ability to:

  • Update your business hours or any other relevant listing information with just a click
  • Save time with edits such as uploading photos and updating information
People are searching locally. What will they find? Show up accurately and consistently in local listings across multiple locations.

How can I use Nuvi Locate for Local Listing Management?

An Easy Way of Managing Multiple Locations

With NUVI Locate, local listing management has never been easier when it comes to multiple locations or local businesses. If anyone's searching for your business online, Nuvi Locate will help you show up.

The rest of the NUVI suite takes everything a step further by helping you define and amplify your message to the world for each of your unique locations.

NUVI Locate allows you to:

  • Show up consistently in local searches so they know you exist and can be trusted as a brand
  • Enter all the pertinent info once, and publish it all, instantly, to any or all your business listing platforms

Brand Management

With real-time monitoring of each business listing and each location’s social media platforms, NUVI's suite keeps you informed of the trends that impact your business.

Spend more time on what will propel your business forward by making sure the little things are done with NUVI Locate.

  • Discover issues before they become problems
  • Utilize the platform to gain valuable insight into where your attention should go next and how you should be spending your time
  • Identify opportunities before the competition, allowing you to pivot first and gain that crucial advantage
  • Be the first to know with instant alerts and notifications
  • Engage with your customers in real-time and have more meaningful conversations with your audience

Customer Experience

For most businesses, a poor customer experience reveals the gap between your business and your customers. If you don't listen, or the tools you use don't allow you to effectively act on potential or current issues, either because you're inundated with messages asking for your address or what you’re doing about a current event, you run the chance of slowing your customer growth and raising your customer service cost—leading to high customer attrition

With NUVI Locate, you can build trust from the bottom up by giving your audience all the indications that you're a legitimate business with consistent, and up-to-date information.

Multi-Location Management

In local search, every location matters. That's why saving some time by only keeping tabs on one store can be hurting your overall local search or online presence.

Even if you have multiple accounts for various locations, unless you're logging in and updating your listings frequently or monitoring your social mentions, you could inadvertently be leaving a large portion of your customers out.

With local listing management by NUVI Locate, you can:

  • Manage all your locations from the same dashboard
  • Search for or choose the location you're interested in, and see all the information you've shared
  • See all your reviews, comments, and mentions that your business has received, all in one place
Spend more time on what will propel your business forward by making sure the little things are done with NUVI Locate.