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Nuvi Locate

Consistent and Accurate Listings Across the Web

People are searching. What will they find?
Start showing up in local searches
Give them a choice by being there

Publish Everywhere with a Click

Push all your business info accurately to 60+ directories. Update your listing(s) instantly including:

Business name
Phone number
Business description
Featured message
Business Hours
Links for website and/or email
Product Offerings
Payment Methods

Manage Multiple Locations

Choose between any location you’re managing and see all info listed and which directories it is actively be published to.

Save Time With Edits

Let’s say you move locations, have a holiday coming up and need to change business hours, or update which methods of payment you receive, make any edit to one or all of your locations and publish to all directories in one click.

How can I use Nuvi Locate?

Brand Management

Customer Experience

Multi-location Managment

Content Strategy

“After working with Nuvi I can see why they are way above the competition. They have increased my reviews by more than 100% in less than 10 months.”
Frederick J.  Smith, CD
Utah Integrated Campus

We are here to help you grow.

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