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Nuvi Plan

Drive your Customer Experience Strategy 

with Collaborative Planning

Fail to plan, plan to fail
What to do with all this data…
A goal without a plan is just a wish
Easy collaboration and content creation

Create Together

Collaborate between departments using tools built for teams. Our permissions-based Plan solution allows for easy collaboration and content creation. Assign posts to the people that need to see them or mention them in the comments to notify them they are needed. Add, find, review, and strategize images and copy conveniently in one place.

Plans at a Glance

Instantly tell how many posts you have scheduled, for how many accounts, and for what topics in an easy to use universal calendar. Get a holistic view of your social media campaign schedule, as well as the status of posts for the month, quarter, or year.

Holistic view of your social media campaign schedule
Set up posts and repeated posts reminders

Stay in the Know

Want a post to repeat each month? Easy. Set up posts and repeated posts to send reminders to your email, slack, or other platforms when they are being published. Rest at ease with tools that enable you to set rules and precautions against undesired content from your teams or influencers.

Content Management

Upload photos, videos, and copy instantly in 
calendar view.

Big Picture

View your entire marketing plan at a glance.

Gather Content

Group content together as events that you can plan out on a regular basis.

How can I use Nuvi Plan?

Brand Management

Customer Experience

Crisis Management

Content Strategy

"Nuvi is helping our team build insightful social strategy and content plans using in-depth, data-driven analytics and real-time social listening!"
Taylor Nicole V.
Marketing and Advertising

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