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Nuvi Plan

Drive your Content Marketing Strategy 

with Collaborative Planning

Strategic Planning
What to do with all this Social data…
Fail to plan, plan to fail

What can I use Nuvi Plan for?

Brand Management
Customer Experience
Content Strategy
Crisis Management
Easy collaboration and content creation

Create the Optimal Content Marketing Strategy

Running a social media campaign today is not like the old days. Back then, you could get away with tracking your follower counts and periodically responding to mentions and other forms of customer engagement.

Today, social media drives worldwide discussion. It's where your customers spend each day, looking for brands to support and content to engage with.

Social media has become as vital a part of your content marketing strategy as the content itself.

NUVI Plan helps you:

Make sense of and keep up with the quickly changing social media landscape

Collaborate and create in real-time with all of your team members

Drive your content marketing strategy with actionable, real-time insights and collaborative planning

Manage content marketing strategy with easy collaboration and content creation systems

Assign team members to parts of the content creation process they're expert in

Add, find, review and strategize images and copy in one place


What do I get with NUVI Plan?

Holistic view of your social media campaign schedule

Plans at a Glance

For the planners, forecasters and leaders on your team, Nuvi Plan instantly reveals your social content pipeline with information on scheduled posts organized by campaign, content schedules, and social platform.

  • Get a holistic view of your content marketing strategy across each account with our universal calendar
  • Look up a given post, or check out your overall campaign or strategy implementation on any day, week, month, quarter, or year
  • Increase your team's productivity and adaptability without increasing errors and missed opportunities
  • Turn your social listening discoveries into a legitimate content marketing strategy with instant collaborative tools
Easy collaboration and content creation

Track Content Progress

With a KANBAN-style workflow, NUVI Plan helps you effectively drive your content marketing strategy each step of the way—from the eureka moment of an initial idea to final scheduling and everything in between.

NUVI Plan:

  • Gives you the tools to track any strategy as it develops, as well as the power to pivot at a moment's notice when the landscape shifts
  • Makes workflow automation easy and time-efficient
  • Receive notifications when someone tags you in the collaboration chat
  • Set rules and permissions to protect against creating undesirable content, whether it was generated in-house or by an influencer

Content Management & Workflows

With NUVI Plan, content management has never been easier.

Our social media content management allows you to:

  • Upload photos, videos, and copy to one central place
  • Keep everyone informed with real-time collaboration and time- stamped updates and uploads
  • Ensure your content marketing strategy is on track and focused on your goal with integrated project tracking

Seeing the Big Picture

While it's great to spend time on the details, NUVI Plan never lets you forget about the big picture. Tackle multi-faceted projects with various dependencies and deadlines easily using NUVI Plan, and avoid those common pitfalls that trip up and jeopardize the implementation of your overall content marketing strategy.

Better yet, when it's all said and done, NUVI Analyze allows you to look back at what worked and what didn't, so you can learn from and gain valuable insight into how you can do better next time, or whether or not a new strategy is in order. With that increased visibility, you can then utilize your Plan framework to implement tweaks and changes to your content strategy in an agile, efficient way.

Gathering Content with Curation

Each campaign is made up of countless posts and numerous engagement metrics that must be tracked.

NUVI Plan allows you to:

  • Look at each campaign individually so that you can truly get a handle on all your assets
  • Make sense of it all by organizing your department's output according to easy-to-understand groups, whether you post weekly, daily, or hourly.
NUVI is helping our team build insightful social strategy and content plans using in-depth, data-driven analytics and real-time social listening!- Taylor Nicole V.

How can I use NUVI Plan for Content Marketing Strategy?

Supercharge Your Content Marketing Strategy

Whether you're experiencing slowing customer growth, high customer service costs, high customer churn, or poor customer experience, NUVI Plan can empower your online presence and supercharge your content marketing strategy.

  • Help manage touchpoints with each customer
  • Streamline team collaboration
  • Gain valuable audience insights from a real-time stream of information
  • Deliver the right message and emotions that will promote your brand and resonate with your customers
  • Better organize your in-house workflow

Brand Management

To your audience, your content is synonymous with your brand. Each piece of content is an opportunity to provide a consistent, powerful message that builds upon your existing customer experience.

While NUVI Plan is the perfect planning and collaboration tool for your content strategy, it gets even more powerful with data and insights from the NUVI Listen and NUVI Analyze tools.

  • Discover trends as they're happening with real-time monitoring of your brand's mentions online
  • Speak to exactly what your customers are interested in before it becomes a glaring oversight
  • NUVI Analyze provides concrete analytics and reporting on your past content and campaigns
  • Discover trends in your messages and channels that perform the best, and incorporate your insights into your content strategy
Sentiment scale

Customer Experience

As a crucial part of our leading social analytics and customer experience platform, NUVI Plan helps you craft a message that resonates with your audience, whether it's the first touchpoint or the tenth.

It only takes one poor interaction to send a customer elsewhere with their megaphone in tow—let us help you get it right the first time, every time.

  • Track each customer from beginning to end  
  • Identify opportunities where you can do better, or where you'd be better off spending your time

Content Strategy

By arming you with the most up-to-date, relevant information, NUVI Plan helps you take things a step further by turning your discoveries into an actionable content marketing strategy with efficient team collaboration.

Our comprehensive, permissions-based system governs and tracks all interactions. This allows consistent, on-brand content at all times and your entire content creation team, including guest writers or influencers, to work cohesively with you—while you hold all the power to move your plan forward.

Crisis Management

Nuvi’s solutions give you and your team time to develop an empathetic and measured response to issues that may arise.

For those emergency mentions that may go unnoticed by your busy team:

  • Receive alerts the second something happens
  • Craft targeted responses to deflect or minimize issues before it blows up into a bonafide crisis
Drive your Customer Experience Strategy
with Collaborative Planning