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Nuvi Publish

Collaborative Social Media Scheduling for All Your Accounts

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What can I use Nuvi Publish for?

Brand Management
Customer Experience
Content Strategy
Crisis Management
Influencer Marketing

A Social Media Scheduler that Works Within Your Creative Process

If you've had it with incessant phone notifications from a half-dozen social media apps and jumping between various social media platforms to engage with your followers online, you need NUVI Publish.

With NUVI, all your social media content and activity is centralized in one easy-to-use interface that gives you a big-picture look at the state of your brand online. Forget about navigating different interfaces and digging through your email or Slack for that finalized piece of creative—you can always easily find the latest version with Nuvi.

With NUVI Publish, you can:

Collaborate with your team in a central platform for post design and approval

Publish and schedule posts directly to all your social media accounts

Get notifications about responses to posts and brand mentions

Easily share assets and messaging with collaborators and influencers


What do I get with NUVI Publish?

Streamlined social media workflow

Align Teams

When it comes to real-time collaboration, Nuvi Publish brings your teams together under one easy-to-use platform. Nuvi helps team members collaborate from different locations and frees up time for more important tasks with our automated social media scheduler.

With NUVI Publish:

  • Kick-start a project
  • Notify collaborators
  • Solicit input from anyone with a simple mention
  • Track all assets, creative, and data without ever leaving the platform

Full Control

For larger campaigns across multiple social media networks, NUVI Publish lets you break everything down to a granular level.

Permissions-based access only pulls in collaborators that are needed for a particular post. Each user can have varying levels of access, while anyone else is just a quick mention away.

You can grant influencers and external teams access to Nuvi without ever revealing social media passwords. Once the campaign is over, simply revoke their clearance and avoid a complicated password reset.

NUVI's Publish gives you full control to:

  • Reveal the most common and valuable keywords surrounding your search terms
  • Discover influencers within your audience
  • Identify content that resonates with your audience
  • Collect your audience’s authentic, unsolicited feedback
  • Expose strong customer experience strategies that enhance customer loyalty
  • Keep up with industry trends as they happen
  • Gain insights into your competitors' strategies

Organize and Label Content

When creating content, it's important to consider it not just as a solitary post, but as part an overall campaign. When multiple campaigns are in progress, it can be difficult to see how they might be working together without a birds-eye view of the entire strategy.

NUVI Publish gives you the organization that allows you to:

  • Apply a specific campaign label for each post
  • Know which posts have priority according to publish date with our month, week, and daily viewing options  
  • Identify copy and creative that needs to be changed within a whole campaign
  • Track the progress of a campaign and push it forward with quick and efficient team collaboration tools
Full control on social media posts

Expanded Workflow

NUVI Publish is a comprehensive suite of tools that makes your content and social strategies more efficient. With NUVI, it's never been easier to get more done while spending less time on tedious tasks like organizing files and scheduling. From discussion to tracking, NUVI does it all seamlessly, so you can do more with less.

With NUVI Publish:

  • Schedule and generate web content, articles, press releases
  • Manage your next big event, all within the NUVI system
  • Compare efforts across different channels
  • Create dynamic and exportable reports that anyone can understand

Preview Content

Unlike other platforms that require you to download assets and collateral before you can view them, NUVI Publish shows you exactly what your content will look like inside of a comprehensive interface. Before you go live, see what everyone else will see, so you can forget about accidentally uploading the wrong asset.

With NUVI Publish, you get a social media scheduler that shows you all posts, including edit history and when they're scheduled to go live. You can even preview videos without leaving the system.

"NUVI allowed me to not only optimize my efforts, but duplicate myself in regards to social media publishing, creative, and engagement by listening to what users and competitors are saying and taking a competitive advantage. Nuvi took our Facebook group from 15K followers to 26K followers in only 4 months as well as drove more sales YTD than all last year's social media was able to harvest!"—Casey B./Social Media Manager

How can I use NUVI Publish?

An Efficient Way of Doing Things

NUVI Publish, part of the NUVI suite of social media tools, is a more efficient way to create social media posts and a better way to collaborate. NUVI Publish helps you seamlessly take your content from idea to published without stalling or losing sight of the larger campaign and goal.

Whether your content is ready to go live or needs some editing, NUVI helps you and your team do more quality work by saving you time on all the tedious stuff. And our social media scheduler lets you schedule out your day or week in advance with automation that publishes to platforms for you.

Brand Management

For brands that need help determining where conversations are taking place online, NUVI has a solution. Nuvi Publish tracks it all, harvesting comments, mentions, shares, reviews, and more across dozens of social media platforms and wherever your customers and followers happen to be.

With NUVI Publish:

  • Explore your brand's online landscape in just minutes with our comprehensive Share of Voice dashboard
  • Discover trends before your competitors do
  • Receive alerts to your phone or email on important keywords, products, or phrases
  • Implement competitive strategies, or alter current ones
Sentiment scale

Customer Experience

Many businesses have a hard time narrowing or eliminating the gap between themselves and their audiences.

  • Close the customer experience gap so you don't end up hurting your customer growth, suffering from high customer churn and having to expand your customer service.
  • Craft and deliver the ideal message to your followers online—a message that fosters communication and engenders goodwill and long-lasting relationships of trust
  • Receive more participation and a better dialog with your customers and followers

Content Strategy

With full control of every piece of content you add to and publish through the NUVI Publish system, you can transform an idea into published brand collateral without the confusion and complication of endless, disparate email or Slack threads.

NUVI helps your team communicate better and create better content with an efficient interface that improves asset management, team collaboration, and make that crucial, final sign-off smoother.

Crisis Management

While businesses tend to use social media between normal work hours, your audience is online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And with countless social media networks to monitor, odds are, that next big mention, share or comment will happen when you least expect it, especially if it's a weekend, holiday, or in the evening.

With NUVI Publish:

  • Keep an eye on your social media at all times
  • Receive customized alerts that let you know when something big happens, giving you time to act or bring someone in before it becomes a full-blown crisis
  • Manage and take control of even the most obscure mentions so you don't ever have to take your eye off the larger goal

Influencer Marketing

For those that work closely with influencers to hone and spread their message online, NUVI's permissions-based system is great at integrating a temporary helping hand, so that when the campaign's done and you've decided to move on, you don't have to go through the password reset dance—just revoke their permissions and quickly pivot to the next thing.

Perks of using NUVI Publish:

  • Identify and collaborate with anyone, no matter where they are and when they like to work
  • Influencer scores are displayed next to every user that shares, comments, and mentions your business and those influencers can be further analyzed with 5 other metrics
  • Once you know which influencer you’d like to use, make the process and collaboration seamless with Nuvi Publish’s communication and management features
To learn more about how NUVI Publish can reach your unique audience, request a demo.