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What can I use NUVI Review for?

Brand Management
Customer Experience
Content Strategy
Multi-Location Mgmt

Get More Reviews with NUVI Review

Running a modern business today means constantly managing your online presence. With all your customers just a click away, it's more important than ever to strike the right tone when you engage and communicate with your audience online.

Where can you best engage and communicate with your audience? Well, there's several places, but one of the keys is reviews. Nearly all your customers will interact with reviews at one point in their journey.

Leverage reviews to improve audience sentiment, increase your online presence, and get more positive reviews— all it takes is the right mindset and toolset.

With NUVI Review:

Be the first to know when someone mentions your brand or business online

Craft and communicate the right message each and every time you reach out

Receive new review and in-process review notifications for all review sites in one, easy-to-use platform

Respond to reviews online without ever leaving the Nuvi system


What do I get with NUVI Review?

Create Custom Templates

Whether you're running customer service or outreach, NUVI Review will save you time. With all the time you save, you'll be able to get and respond to more reviews than you ever thought possible.

With NUVI Review:

  • Create custom templates for your responses and review invitations
  • Have site links in invitations without tedious lookup
  • Save any new message as a template

Generate QR Codes

For brands that are looking for a way to integrate their online presence with a physical space, NUVI Review can do just that.

Nuvi’s Review gives you the ability to:

  • Generate printable QR codes that help you get more reviews
  • Empower your onsite customers to leave you feedback online by placing scannable codes next to products, at the counter, on packaging, or in the drive-through
  • Manage everything that comes in with the Nuvi Review interface
Easy collaboration and content creation

Monitor Progress

Once the review requests go out—whether by email, direct message, or post—NUVI Review helps you stay on top of it all.

NUVI Review allows you to:

  • Track each event, from send to open to clicked and completed, so you know precisely when to follow up, when to give it some time, and when to move on
  • Receive notifications when you get a new review
  • Choose if you want to act, defer, or bring in another team member to respond to reviews
  • Track your reviews in real-time, and respond just as quickly

Send Review Invites

If you have a large customer base or email list, NUVI Review helps you leverage that information to get more reviews.

NUVI Review let's you:

  • Upload a CSV or plain text list directly to the platform and watch as Nuvi sends a friendly review invite via text or email
  • Send invites to specific users, or reach out to everyone at once and multiply your efforts
  • See all your reviews in one place
  • Monitor invitations and new reviews, letting you turn each review into an opportunity to expand your brand
Did you know 93% of consumers say online reviews impact their decision to make a purchase or not? NUVI Review gets you the impact you need.

How can I use NUVI Review?

A Productive Way of Reviewing Feedback

Connecting with your existing customers is one of the best ways to find new ones.

With NUVI Review, we've simplified and integrated that process by pulling in information from all relevant review sites into one, easy-to-use dashboard that lets you focus on the words being shared, not the interfaces of each platform.

Increase your online presence by reviewing and soliciting feedback from your customers without the common hurdles that drag down your productivity and waste your time.

Brand Management

The right reputation online can propel a business forward, compounding and amplifying your efforts with those of your supporters.

But the wrong review can have the opposite effect, particularly if it signals a shift in opinion about your product, service, or company.

  • Stay on top of all your reviews in a single platform
  • Receive alerts and notifications that grab your attention even when you're not using the platform
  • Understand data with our comprehensive dashboard
Sentiment scale

Customer Experience

As a leading customer experience platform, NUVI Review arms you with the tools to help you get more reviews online.

After all, just one bad review can be a detriment to your business if left unaddressed, and multiple bad reviews could signal a sea change or a full-blown crisis. Get in front of it all with NUVI Review.

NUVI Review seamlessly takes cares of:

  • Sending notes encouraging a review, comment, or a share on social media when customers sign up to an email list or buys a product
  • Tracking everything for you in a single platform

Content Strategy

Whether your content strategy has you posting every week, every day, or every hour, NUVI Review helps remove the barriers between you, your content, and your audience.

With NUVI:

  • Gain insights into the common questions and comments made in your reviews
  • Compare your reviews to the insights found across social channels in Nuvi Listen to address concerns and provide a better customer experience
  • Get more reviews from impassioned customers that'll spread your brand message

Multi-Location Management

For businesses with multiple stores, NUVI Review segments all its reporting and insight by location, so you can effectively manage the online reputation of each store, as well as the overall brand.

If you're not already represented in local search, we'll help you to submit your stores to over 60 local search engines and directories— and because each accepts their own reviews, we monitor and track it, all with minimal time and effort on your part.

Your online reputation is becoming more critical everyday. Nuvi's social customer experience suite makes managing it more manageable.
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