In this guide, you’ll learn:

How long-standing challenges in the retail banking industry are being rethought in the Covid-19 era


Industry experts’ best practices to navigate the crisis


Leverage digital tools to provide better, cheaper, faster customer service to customers


The value of Customer Loyalty to decrease hidden churn and gain Share of Wallet

Future-Proofing Retail Banking

The Perfect Storm

Multiple forces have combined to generate a challenging environment for retail banks. Long-standing problems like technical debt and slow response to online customer experience expectations have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has not changed history but it has accelerated it.

“The smart retailers right now will actually look and say customer habits are changing more so than they ever have before, so this is actually the greatest hall pass for experimentation that we’ve ever had.”

Chris Walton​, Co-CEO, OmniTalk