Award-winning Social Media Analytics Platform

Effective strategies are born from data, and data is made effective through real-time, accurate analytics—something we obsess over. Our proprietary Language Engine leads the industry in speed and accuracy, making competitive analyses, brand management, and customer experience management more insightful than ever.

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Upgrade how you analyze your social data with our industry-leading Language Engine.

Your analytical power begins with how you can break down and aggregate language data across social media channels. Most Natural Language Processors (NLP) are built from a conglomerate of third-party solutions. We decided to be different and build our own instead.

Today, the Nuvi Language Engine leads the industry in accuracy and speed as it analyzes 20 linguistic factors and over 100 languages.

A Holistic CX platform to harness the best social media analytics

Eight innovative solutions to understand and connect with your audience and work collaboratively with your team.

  • Listen: Real-time award-winning social listening
  • Engage: Real-time customer engagement across social
  • Plan: Collaborative content team workflows
  • Publish: Collaborative content publishing across social
  • Analyze: In-depth industry-leading social analytics
  • Review: Multi-location online reputation management
  • Locate: Multi-location online presence management
  • Capture: Compliant content creation in an app
Best Social Media Analytics Platform
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In-Depth Share of Voice

There is no direction without context. Enhanced Share of Voice widgets allow you to analyze, compare, and provide context for your current standing. Share of Voice analytics is ideal for:

  • Competitive Analytics
  • Product Analytics
  • Brand Management
  • Campaign Analytics

Measure Campaign Performance

Strategy implemented with no measurement is like shooting in the dark. Analyze your campaigns through:

  • Engagement type: comments, shares, and reactions
  • Total engagement: post clicks and link clicks
  • Paid vs organic reach, impressions, top posts

A/B test your way to success through custom applied content tags with our social analytics platform, powered by our Language Engine.

custom data visualizations

250+ Ways to See the Data

Create custom dashboards and visualizations to interpret social analytics data most effectively. Start discovering insights using our unique real-time Bubble Stream. See trends develop in real-time.

“Nuvi makes real-time listening and monitoring easier than ever, helping to guide content strategy with visual data and actionable insights. When we need to complete competitor audits or pull historical social data, Nuvi is our go-to social tool.”

See what award-winning social data analytics looks like.

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