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Advanced Social Listening software

Our smart real-time social listening tool helps brands monitor and understand their customers for competitive and market insights.

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Get instant alerts and be the first to know with reliable accuracy.

Our social monitoring software uses real-time social data to significantly transform how your brand interacts with your customers and adapts.

Built on a proprietary language engine that analyzes more than 20 different linguistic factors, more than 120 languages, and at speeds that ingest and monitor 500 mentions per second, Nuvi Listen allows you to be at the forefront of social knowledge.

These advanced language filters allow you to receive instant alerts based on your monitors' criteria.

“Nuvi knows what’s going on with your issue or campaign before the public even has a chance to engage and take off with it.”
Matthew Mitchell,
Product Manager
Unearth Campaigns

Monitor multiple brands, products, campaigns, and competitors all in one place.

Whether you're monitoring multiple brands, products, campaigns, or competitors, segment your data and display for instant comparisons. Visualize data segments based on mention and engagement volume.

Monitor sentiment and emotion with industry-leading accuracy.

Most social listening platforms utilize a third-party 3-point sentiment analysis without emotion analysis. We built a proprietary 200-point sentiment scale paired with emotion analysis to offer deeper insights as to why your audience is expressing positive or negative sentiment.

Use AI to automate data tagging and reporting

Save time organizing and reporting data from social monitors with our automated process. As you set relevant rules to listen, our system remembers and automatically directs any and all mentions that meet your criteria with tags.

Create beautiful automated reports based on your dashboards to be sent via email to management.

Identify Top Influencers

Identify top influencers through metrics like potential audience reach, post frequency, engagement volume, and more

Integrate Social Data with Your BI Tools

Combine social data from your monitors with other data sets in BI tools like Tableau, Domo, MicroStrategy, and more.

Identify trending topics for content creation

Monitor emerging categories, keywords, and hashtags to feed to your content team. Content creation begins and ends with listening.

How do I upgrade my social listening?