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Advanced Social Listening Tool

Our intelligent, real-time social listening tool helps brands monitor and understand their customers to gain market and competitive insights.

Discover how Nuvi Social Listen can help you:

  • Listening to your audience, industry, and competitors
  • Plan and implement strategies with easy team collaboration
  • Engage with your customers, influencers, and advocates
  • Analyze insights all in one intuitive, visually stunning platform
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Be the first to know with reliable accuracy.

Our Social Monitoring Software utilizes real-time online data to significantly transform the way your brand interacts with your customers and adapts.

Built on a proprietary language engine that analyzes over 20 different linguistic factors, over 120 languages, and at speeds that ingest and monitor 500 mentions per second, Nuvi Listen allows you to be at the forefront of social knowledge.

Real-time social media monitoring

Real-time Social Monitoring

Social listening moves a step beyond social monitoring by introducing the mood or sentiment of mentions across the web. We lead the pack in sentiment analysis with 80% accuracy. In addition to that, we have built a proprietary Language Processing Engine which listens for 11 different factors.

Instant Alerts

Real human emotion lives on a spectrum and that is exactly how we deliver it through our proprietary sentiment analysis. Understand the tone of every mention across all your social media channels to discover what is most important to your audience.

Monitor Campaigns, Competitors and more

Studies show a correlation between vulgarity and virality on social media, namely social mentions are often shared more often when vulgarity is involved. Our Language Engine takes things you monitor and measures how likely a mention would be considered vulgar to help you understand audience sentiment even further and help you find where strong opinions live.

Automated Tagging

Set the rules for your data monitors and NUVI Social Listen automatically applies the tag for easy data organization.

Automated Reporting

Create reports on demand. Schedule reports to be automatically delivered to your inbox.

How do I upgrade my social listening?

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