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Implementing Your Customer Experience Strategy

It’s easy for your brand voice to drown in the sea of content out there. In order to gain the attention and engagement of your audience, you’ll need to efficiently implement your customer experience strategy.

A work team using Nuvi's collaborative social media management solution

Nuvi Helps Create Positive Moments in Your Customer’s Journey

Make every touchpoint throughout your customer’s journey impactful with a content management workflow system that helps you:

  • Create relevant, cohesive content and messaging
  • Utilize real-time audience insights so you’re aware of their current needs and discussions
  • Fashion specialized messaging for target markets of various sizes and concerns
  • Build the foundations of a community around your brandIdeate, create, and publish content efficiently and quickly, especially in emergencies
Having the right content marketing platform for implementing a customer experience strategy can foster more genuine interactions with your audiences and more long-lasting trust and loyalty.

Step 1—Plan

Implementation of a customer experience strategy must, first, be based on accurate customer data.

With Nuvi’s Social Listening Tool

  • Get real-time information and alerts on customer sentiment
  • Be instantly aware of new and relevant emerging trends
  • Know what your audience is talking about and who’s leading the discussions
  • Understand why the discussions are happening
  • Identify opportunities and utilize them quickly

Real-Time Insights Mean Better Content Decisions

Having this data will indicate the best strategic paths forward and how to implement them. Whether you’re analyzing the data yourself or an analyst does it for you, having key real-time insights of your customers can help you make better content decisions.

  • Seeing a certain keyword pop up frequently? Dive into the conversations and learn why. Plan a way to include it in an upcoming social post or blog.
  • Is there competitor content that’s working well? Determine ways to use similar tactics in your content
  • Got a corporate multi-location with varying audiences? Find ways to make a broad brand message unique by knowing which target audience, sub-audience, or small local audience you’re talking to

Better Content Leads to Brand Loyalty

With this level of information, your content marketing team will be able to consistently create customer-centric content. This type of content will develop emotional connections between your customers and your business that create the building-blocks for brand loyalty. 
Through this listening-focused content workflow, you’ll know that you’re making data-driven, relevant plans.

Step 2—Act

The next and essential step after planning various elements of a customer experience strategy–content marketing, PR, social, and others– is, of course, taking action.

Holistic view of your social media campaign schedule

Manage all your content in one place

Through our customer experience strategy implementation platform, you can manage many forms of content, specifically:

  • Social posts
  • Blogs
  • Emails
  • PR releases
  • Business listings
  • Reviews
Easy collaboration and content creation

Create a More Efficient Content Team

Our content creation workflow empowers your team to work efficiently whether they’re in the office, remote, spread across various locations, or in different departments. Work together with:

  • Customizable workflows
  • Management approval at key stages of your creation process
  • Automatic publishing to social platforms
  • Utilize influencers without giving them your passwords
  • Tagging of co-workers and team members that instantly notify them
  • Instant Slack alerts of notifications and tags
  • Image gallery and albums
  • Preview content as it will look in the platform before publishing

Take Quick Action with Powerful Collaborative Tools

Not only does Nuvi make it easy to collaborate on and execute the content of your customer experience strategy, but it also allows you to take advantage of spur-of-the-moment opportunities to create and share content.

Best Tools for Quick Action

  • Nuvi Publish’s team efficiency tools above enable content teams to work quickly on last-minute changes or emergency content.
  • Nuvi Capture enhances the workflow with employee-generated content. Capture is a phone app that allows anyone in the company to take pictures of a company event or party, or a happy customer. They can then upload the image to the Publish gallery for content teams to use at any time.

Step 3—React

Once the content is published, customers react to it. As the writers, researchers, and sometimes analysts for these pieces, content creation teams are best able to answer questions customers may have regarding published content.

Engage with Content Consumers

Along with customer engagement teams, customer experience strategy implementers can use Engage to:

  • Actively impact the conversations around your brand in real-time
  • See how your audience is receiving your content in addition to what Listen data says
  • Build relationships with customers

Listen All Over Again and See the Feedback

Being able to react is the final key to a successful content management workflow because it is where you restart the listening process. Knowing what comments and reactions your content is getting will enhance your ability to understand broader customer data from social listening. New insights then lead to new plans, new actions, and new reactions.
Of course, because of the many pieces of content that you’ll be producing across many platforms, you’ll always be involved in all three of these stages at the same time for different projects.

Implementing a CX strategy is only a portion of the whole process. Check out our Enterprise solutions to learn more.

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