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Nuvi Enterprise Marketing Platform

The holistic marketing platform to engage and measure every social customer touch point.

What is Nuvi?

Quite simply, Nuvi is a powerful, full-service marketing platform for all your social customer touch points, and the engine by which you enhance, engage, and measure your customer experience.


Seize opportunities at every touch point

You’re a large company, and you have thousands—or millions—of interactions with your customers every single day. It’s impossible for a single team to manage all of those touch points and ensure that the customer is enjoying positive experiences and associating them with your company. You don’t have the time to read every Tweet, watch every video, or analyze which customer is a big-time influencer.


Listen to real-time data for customer insights

Enter Nuvi for Enterprises. Starting with our powerful, industry-leading social listening engine, you will have complete visibility into every one of your social interactions across all channels. Armed with a wide array of compelling data points, your team can create and execute data-driven marketing strategies to expand your reach and delight your customers.


Communicate efficiently and engage authentically

With the data flowing, Nuvi for Enterprises makes it easy to manage and promote your brand, provide stellar customer experience, and avert any potential crises before they gather steam. Utilize common sentiments, posts, and questions from your followers to generate new, highly-relevant content, drive product development and maintenance, and discover new opportunities to beat the competition.

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Nuvi’s ecosystem of powerful marketing platforms provides the perfect solution for enterprise marketing departments.

Real-time social media monitoring

How Nuvi Listens

We know you can’t listen to every social media channel 24/7, and you shouldn’t have to. With Nuvi’s marketing platform we take care of that for you--and we’re not just listening; we’re analyzing. We monitor what’s going on, we identify insights, we watch out for crises, we alert you when something needs your urgent attention, and, best of all, our reporting is automated. We literally do the listening, enabling analysis, so that you don’t have to—real-time, twenty-four hours a day.

Easy collaboration and content creation

How Nuvi Plans and Executes

Just as you don’t have the time for one team or multiple teams to be tackling all of the hundreds and thousands of customer interactions that are being thrown at you daily, you don’t have the time for a team to be managing every social platform, customer touchpoint, and piece of feedback you receive.

Nuvi makes all of that simple with a content scheduling platform that enhances the visibility, collaboration, and efficiency of your teams. Create and execute plans,  manage them with real-time analysis, and keep an eye on the big picture while we keep a close eye on the little things. And then gather data to consistently make new plans or improve current ones.


How Nuvi Analyzes

Understanding the value and effect of your content is a vital part of managing your content strategy. But sometimes it can be almost impossible to keep track of the ripples your content makes, and take advantage of the unexpected opportunities that result. Nuvi tracks that information and then gets to crunching the numbers. We don’t just produce a report with pages and pages of Twitter replies—we measure exactly how your content is received and shared by your audience, and how well your strategy has met your goals. Nuvi makes it easy to measure and improve your marketing strategies.
And the analysis we come up with? It’s the best in the industry. We not only track you, but we track your competitors, too. With our A/B testing tools, you will ensure that the messaging, images, videos, and every other touchpoint are always accompanied with the most complete reporting possible, driving the decisions for your next campaigns. We make it our business to know your customers—and to provide you with performance data, engagement metrics, and sentiment analysis for your campaigns, AND your competitors’. You’ll always know where you stand, how you can improve, and what the right next step is.


How Nuvi Engages

We’re not just about listening to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (and Reddit and YouTube and a hundred others). We also want to connect your team with your customers wherever they are. Nuvi Engage will notify your team whenever your brand is tagged or messaged across all your channels and will funnel each interaction to a member of your team so they can respond personally.

Not only does Nuvi Engage make it easy for your team to manage and collaborate on follower and customer interactions, but it also provides the ability to grow your marketing contact lists for later campaigns. Improve your customer experience and enhance your marketing reach, all at the same time.

A work team using Nuvi's collaborative social media management solution

How Nuvi Creates Success

Nuvi excels by making great companies visible to its customers, and by making its customers visible to them. We aim to provide the analysis and tools necessary to build a strong bond between you and your consumer, reaching across the digital divide to provide a stellar, data-driven brand experience.

Nuvi is designed to guide your marketing strategy with the most comprehensive reporting available and provides incredible tools to enhance the collaboration and efficiency of your entire marketing team. 
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Nuvi Enterprise Marketing Platform Solutions


Intelligent, Intuitive, Real-time Social Listening. Listen before You Speak.


Collaborative planning to advance your customer experience strategy.


Show your audience you listen. Deliver cohesive multichannel communication.


Interact with Your Audience Meaningfully. Authentic. Genuine. Personable.


Actionable analysis to perfect strategy. Innovate and connect through data.


Consistent and accurate listings across the web. Show up and be found.


Powerful, intuitive reputation management. Become the obvious option.


Instantly compliant content in a mobile app. Every employee a marketer.

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