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Create a fantastic customer experience from the start. Build resources, gain visibility, and increase brand loyalty.


Automated Business Listings

The customer journey starts with searching.

A customer’s journey often starts with a local online search. With so many ways for users to find information about your business, it can be a challenge to ensure you have accurate information available no matter where they’re searching.

With Nuvi Local, your business information will show up consistently and accurately across 60+ directories, all managed from one location... Easily make any edit to one or all of your locations and publish to all directories with one click.


Show up where people are searching.

You’ve been in this place: you’re trying to get your company on the web—you want to be the first link, and you want Google to show your company’s hours and phone number and good reviews. There are a lot of hoops to jump through, and you don’t only need to do it for Google but for every search and review site—there are dozens, hundreds.
With Nuvi you not only get set up on these local platforms, but you are established on a system so that if you need to make a change—say you close at 8:00 instead of 9:00—you can take care of that, across all systems, with just one publishing click. Get ready to take control of your business in a way that you never have before.


Intuitively Manage Your Reputation

Intuitively manage your local reputation

Intuitively manage your reputation.

Know which strategies or products are working for your brand and which aren't through reviews. Reviews can give you glimpses into your audience's sentiment, business insights by identifying trends and patterns, opportunities to meaningfully connect with your customers and a view of potential influencers that you can turn into powerful advocates to expand your reach to more potential customers.


Be their obvious choice.

  • 91% of customers regularly or occasionally read reviews of products and services online
  • 84% of people trust those reviews as much as if the recommendation had been made by someone they knew.
  • 64% of people make a purchase decision within reading one to six reviews.

That’s a lot of pressure on your company to have the very best reviews possible, and to have the best ones show up at the top of the list. There are ways to put your best foot forward online, and Nuvi Local is here to give you the tools to do so.


Create Compliant Content On The Spot

Create compliant content on the spot for your local business

Seize the opportunity to capture a happy customer.

Put the power to create content in the hands of your employees through an intuitive photo app that allows them to capture HIPAA/Media compliant images of your customers.
With Nuvi Capture, get a happy customer’s picture while they’re sitting in your cafe, buying a car, or leaving the orthodontist with those braces off for the first time. Capture them in their happiest moments, make the picture uniquely themselves, and link it to your location.


Allow customers to become your marketers.

Restaurants used to post happy polaroids of their contented guests on their walls—and now you have the ability to do that, except online. Imagine if when someone looks to buy a car from you they see dozens of pictures of new owners jumping in the air with their new keys in hand as they stand in front of their dream purchase.

Imagine hundreds of satisfied diners with their plates pushed back, stuffed full—or imagine special photos of the adventurous diners who ate your restaurant’s speciality 5-pound burrito, or the devils’-spice hot wings! And all of this is online, pictures that will come up immediately when new shoppers are looking for a new experience.


The Future of Content Scheduling

Content scheduling for local business

Save time by automating your content scheduling.

We call it Smart Social. After selecting your photos to post, our intelligent algorithms based on years of research and data will schedule your posts three times per week at strategic times when they’ll get the most engagement. You can easily add and change captions while you upload to the queue or from an easy-to-edit calendar view after the content has been scheduled.

Because the thing is: you’re a restaurant, or a plumber, or a car dealership, and you really don’t have the time to manage your business and your social channels on your own all at once. The more automated, the better. With Nuvi Local, your whole team can easily share the load of your content creation. Let your salesmen, servers, and maintenance workers take pictures of a job well done, which automatically show up in the Smart Social gallery, where they’ll be posted consistently and as professionally as if you had a dedicated online manager.


Maximize your local online presence

Online presence is about a lot more than just coming up with pithy Tweets or Facebook deals. Users expect those social messages to be authentic and genuine, but they also expect their interaction with you to go beyond social media. They rely on reviews of your products and services, location information like your address and business hours, descriptions and documentation for customer support, and discussions through social media comments or DMs to be able to maximize the value of their interactions with you. They expect the whole online package.

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