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Nuvi Multi-location

One marketing platform to manage multiple social media accounts across multiple locations

Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts with Nuvi Multi-Location

Your company is big, maybe national, maybe multinational, and you need to somehow have active interaction with your customers and consumers across all your locations, while still maintaining brand coherence. It’s impossible for one social media manager (or one social media team) sitting in your New York offices to manage multiple social media accounts, and monitor and respond effectively to everything that’s going on in Singapore, or Albuquerque, or Berlin. You need a solution that can be on-brand without being generic; in line with company policy while still appealing to a localized demographic.

Nuvi Multi-location is perfect for:
• Creating and Delivering Consistent Messaging
• Coordinating Team Efforts
• Generating and Monitoring Content

Consistent Messaging

Manage Social Presence by Location

Consistency is key. Your branch office in Hong Kong needs to have the same consistent message as your branch in Des Moines. How they go about delivering that message—the tone, the language, the idioms, the cultural markers—will all change according to the need of the location, but you don’t want one site cutting prices while another site is raising them through the roof. You don’t want one location offering free pizza to incoming customers while another is raffling a luxury car.

Remember: your brand is the sum total of all interactions that your customers have with your company. Their impression of you is going to be determined by how and where you use your messaging, how well your company’s mission statement is implemented around the world, how well your customer service team in India compares to your customer service team in Atlanta.

All of these interactions—these touch points—form together in your customers’ minds to determine what your brand is. Ideally, they all point to what you want them to: that Red Bull gives you wings, or that American Express is the card you don’t want to leave home without, or that Diamonds really are a Girl’s Best Friend.

Top down roles and permissions to govern accounts

This is done through consistent messaging, and that messaging is determined from the top down, from your ultimate decision-maker, which may be anyone from the CMO to a VP to a brand manager to a social media director. They set out the unique message that you want your company to deliver, and, through Nuvi, that message is delivered loud and clear.

Variants can be made for geography and culture—social media is nothing if not adaptive—but the software allows you to create a straightforward vision for your company and its many satellites. Through consistency and adaptation, your brand recognition will increase, and you’ll be continuously updated through real-time customer insights and strategy performance analytics.

Coordinate Efforts

Easy collaboration and content creation

Streamline workflows and assign tasks

Here comes the part where the differentiation occurs. You have your brand strategy laid out before you, but it needs to be varied to meet the needs of a dozen (or a hundred, or a thousand) locations. Whether you have a social manager in every city or every branch office, you will be able to coordinate your marketing efforts through them by giving them a consistent message and the freedom to expand upon it and apply it to the diversity of their location.

Align your social media teams

Keep track of all your communications: Internally and Externally

And coordination has never been easier. Gone are the days of sending emails back and forth in long reply-all chains that confuse and overwhelm. Nuvi funnels both internal messages and customer interactions to the proper team members, ensuring your marketing efforts are always as efficient as possible.

With Nuvi, you can capture content in the moment, and then utilize our Publish and Smart Social tools to push that experience to each of your social media accounts at once, in a streamlined and automated workflow.


Generate and Monitor Content

Create employee-generated compliant content in the moment.

Sometimes generating content can be difficult. Either it feels repetitive or you’re out of ideas. Gathering employee-generated content can help make you content feel fresh. Nuvi Capture is a phone app set up similarly to Instagram and encourages employee-generated content. Employees simply take a picture of company events, funny employee moments, or satisfied, happy customers, add some stickers, get some HIPPA compliant signatures, and post to your social profiles or upload it to your Smart Social gallery.

Smart Social focuses on a gallery of images that corporate can manage to ensure brand consistency and local teams can use its auto-posting capabilities to simply select the photo, write the caption and then go onto their other tasks.


Manage a universal content gallery across all locations

As you create messaging, images, and post to social, you’ll be generating a wealth of content across your entire company. You’ll want to capture all of the data that come from that posting, and analyze the data: what images perform best? What subject lines encourage clicks and which are social media duds?

Monitor published content and analyze for results

Generating content can be automated when it needs to be--not every post needs to be personalized--but the point is to generate it using models and data. When you create something new for the public to engage with, you want to ensure that all touch points direct customers toward your brand message and relationship development. That can only happen if you're constantly analyzing the way they interact with the social media touch points that you're putting out into the world.

Too often, brands use these touch points to shout at their customers rather than listening to them. With Nuvi, you can find the balance between leading your audience to your message and providing them with the content that encourages long-term trust and loyalty. request a demo.


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Solutions for Managing Multiple locations


Intelligent, Intuitive, Real-time Social Listening. Listen before You Speak.


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