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A crisis breeds innovation and creativity. And innovation has to start with data. As more consumers flock to social media daily, it's more important now than ever to understand them in real-time and what they expect from you.

Learn how you can begin to make more informed decisions with industry-leading social media data.

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Brand Management

Content Strategy

Customer Experience

Influencer Marketing

Market/Competitor Analysis

Compliance Management

Multilocation Management

Crisis Management

Sentiment analysis

How Nuvi Language Engine lets you listen with leading accuracy

Nuvi leads the pack in sentiment analysis with 80% accuracy. In addition, we have built a proprietary Language Engine which listens for 11 different factors.

We listen for:
1. Sentiment analysis
2. Gender detection
3. Noun phrase extraction (trending phrases)
4. Industry category tagging
5. Vulgarity detection
6. Future/present/past tense detection
7. Author intent
8. Influencer score
9. Influencer ranking
10. Author follower count
11. Author Geo Location

How Hertz delivered with data-driven strategy.

During the crisis of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Twitter proved to be the best means of communication for disaster relief allowing The Hertz Corporation to assist customers effectively and bring in the fleet. Hertz used the Nuvi platform to connect with Influencers who were traveling to Houston for relief efforts.
Influencer Stef Michaels, known to her millions of social followers as @adventuregirl, noticed that Hertz was actively using Twitter to engage with citizens. Stef was heading to Houston with over 1,000 dog food bags for displaced animals. She tweeted @hertz to partner on this important journey. Hertz provided Stef with a SUV to transport the food to shelters leading to increased engagement, reach and positive sentiment.


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Your strategies and decisions are only as good as the data they are derived from. That’s why we strive to bring you the best data and tools to guide you to useful information and insights.

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