NUVI WEBINAR | October 29, 10AM (MDT)

Designing Empathy Experiences: The New Way to Customer Loyalty and ROI  

With Professor of Marketing Markus Giesler, PhD

Recent cultural shift have led to a more empathy-based marketplace. How can companies succeed in this new landscape? How are powerful empathetic experiences created and managed? How can you leverage and operationalize emotions in your customers' journey?

Join NUVI and Dr. Giesler to discuss this new way forward.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Markus Giesler

When it comes to business and academia, Markus Giesler successfully leads in both worlds. While regularly consulting leading global brands like Apple, Google, and BMW, Markus also established and teaches the world's first MBA course for Customer Experience Design at York University—the only marketing course to be endorsed by the American Marketing Association.

He's been named “one of the best recognized experts studying high-technology consumer behavior” by WIRED, and dubbed a “young business school star professor on the rise” by CNN. As such, he duly carries the honor of one of the "Best Business Professors Under 40."

In this webinar we’ll cover:

What empathy is and how it's created in any market

How leading consumer brands structure their companies around empathy.

How to best engage customers through empathy-based strategies

How social customer experience is integral to operationalizing empathy and establishing ROI

Best practices of leading brands

Which tools are necessary in analyzing, creating, monitoring, and engaging how customers experience your brand.



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